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Authorized Shares:
1 Billion as of 11/21/11

Outstanding Shares:
131.1 Million as of 11/16/11

Estimated Float:
47.2 Million as of 11/16/11

Shareholders of Record:
2,311 as of 6/30/11







Roy Warren, CEO of Attitude Drinks is Featured in a New Audio Interview at

Attitude Drinks, Inc. Announces Significant Sales Growth in the Greater Boston Market

Meeting of Shareholders to Vote on Board Recommendation is Held at Attitude Drinks Office Headquarters


PHASE III Research Results

The Science of Post-Workout Nutrition


Roy Warren

Niki Fuller
Brand Manager

Bill Fowler

Debbie Lieblong
VP Corporate Services

Tommy Kee

John L. (Jack) Shea
Executive VP

Craig Peters
Executive VP
Operations and Production

Attitude Drinks Incorporated
10415 Riverside Drive, Suite 101
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
Phone: (877) 799-5053
Fax: (561) 799-5039


Attitude Drinks Inc. is an innovative beverage brand development company with pure milk-based recovery drink that exploits recent scientific evidence confirming the benefits of milk and protein as an exercise recovery aid. Phase III is sold in select local, regional and national markets, including colleges, universities, convenience stores, fitness centers and gyms, as well as online. For more information, including recent clinical trial results, visit

Value Proposition  

ATTITUDE DRINKS INC. (OTCQB & OTCBB: ATTD) IS A FULLY-REPORTING, REVENUE POSITIVE, GROWTH STOCK WITH SOLID AND RAPIDLY INCREASING MOMENTUM. Attitude Drinks Inc. - a premium performance and dairy beverage innovator - is both on the move (e.g., ATTD accomplished a 2,856% increase in revenues 2nd quarter over the prior year and a 2,498.0% revenue increase from 3rd quarter this year over last) and continues to develop and provide delicious, refreshing, top-shelf, performance recovery beverages that meet the uncompromising high standards of our ever-increasing, dynamic, happy customers. Attitude Drinks Inc.'s solid market inception coupled with focused revenue and profit growth strategies drive our entire team to create and capitalize on market opportunities. These opportunities began back in early 2008 with Vis Viva™, our first developed, trademarked, and marketed product brand. With Attitude Drinks' sights set on capturing significant market share in both the premium energy drink and functional dairy beverage market categories, Vis Viva™ opened doors for subsequent Attitude Drink products. Our state-of-the art, milk-based products continue to capture increased market share in the performance beverage category or work their way through our innovative and thorough exploration, research, and development stages.

Attitude Drinks Inc. now enjoys unprecedented sales success with our latest performance beverage: Phase III® Recovery Drink. Phase III results from cutting-edge scientific, culinary, exercise and sport science work by the experienced, highly skilled, and ever energetic Attitude Drinks Inc. research and development team. In Phase III, the team successfully enhanced and bolstered the natural proteins, electrolytes, and nutrients that compliment lean low fat milk through newly created, patented, and trade secret processing and production techniques - including a brilliant, proprietary product packaging designed specifically to maintain opitimal freshness in Phase III while concurrently maintaining an all but invisible footprint on the environment. The result? A clean, light, refreshing, real milk-based product - perfectly infused with tantalizing and refreshing chocolate or vanilla taste notes, accompanied by a 29% sugar-reduced, lactose filtered, double-protein enhanced, nutrient-balanced, premium performance recovery beverage.

Attitude Drinks Inc. has since tabled the above-referencedVis Viva™ for the time being with the potential reintroduction of that product in a new, revamped format as a "focus" or "debut" drink product in 2012. Other exciting changes are also underway; for example, where we are a still a developing company, we have had negligible product sales to date. Nevertheless, we proudly report that Attitude Drinks, Inc. achieved a remarkable 2,765% increase in our 2011 Second/Third Quarter Combined Revenues over our 2010 Second /Third Quarter Combined Revenues. Furthermore, we enjoyed our first two combined-quarters gross profit margin as a result of that well-earned revenue increase! Our major sources of working capital have come from various convertible note financings and other short-term bridge loans, which our growth and progress now allows us to supplement or offset (and concordantly reduce) through incoming revenues generated by the continually increasing Phase III® Recovery Drink sales. Our current plan of operation for the coming four quarters (i.e., Fourth Quarter 2011 through Fourth Quarter 2012) focuses on the continued development and distribution of our non-alcoholic, single serving beverage business - specifically the developing and marketing of tasty, refreshing, and healthy milk-based products. In pace with our own growth, our market target will include two of the fastest growing industry segments: sports recovery and functionally nutritious dairy beverages. In a calculated and successful strategy to avoid costly overhead (e.g., a large employee force, management and inherent liabilities associated with hundreds of manufacturing/production employees, product manufacturing liability, FDA culinary manufacturing compliance management, oppressive industry start-up expenses, etc.), we do not actually manufacture or produce our trademarked products. Instead we outsource the manufacturing and production processes to very select third parties, each with outstanding credentials in the production of milk-based products. Bottom line: so far so good with nothing but good on the horizon for Attitude Drinks, Inc.!


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