New Interview Featuring International Endeavors Corp.

New Audio Interview featuring Bill Martin, VP of International Endeavors Corp (OTC: IDVV) -

International Endeavors Corporation (“IEC”) is a technology holdings company focused on Clean Energy, Crypto, and A.I.

Specializing in solar technology, battery storage, as well as clean energy crypto mining options for both on & off grid.

We’re currently implementing EV2G / Bi-directional charging options, thus allowing you to use your electric vehicle as a means of a backup battery, or to sell power back to the grid.

In 2022 IDVV started to offer its clients a Clean Energy Crypto mining solution. Our Plug-n-Play mining rigs can be installed in existing or current systems and allows the option to sell power back to the grid or mine crypto currency with any power surplus.

In 2023 We acquired WITech and SF Corp as part of an expansion into the AI Sector. We are incorporating AI technology into our crypto offerings, and developing a platform for AI Content Marketing.

The Company currently is reporting its financial information on OTCMarkets.

Our filings can be seen at

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