8-20-18 SmallCapVoice Interview with Infused Edibles (BDCI)

Infused Edibles, a wholly owned subsidiary of Global Consortium, Inc. who is an affiliate company of Bahamas Development Corporation (OTC:BDCI), called in to SmallCapVoice.com to go over their history, award winning product line, new products for pets, outlook for 2018 and much more. Recently BDCI announced that Cannabis Consortium and it partners, Indulge Oils and Infused Edibles, have been negotiating with multiple companies to open and operate Indulge Oils manufacturing facilities to produce infused edibles and THC/CBD pens. The deals would give Indulge Oils and Infused Edibles access to new markets, and as many as 40 new locations in which to sell their products. As part of the agreement, Indulge Oils and Infused Edibles would also be able to enter into white label deals for other companies as well.

BDCI along with Global Consortium and its partners are working on a roll up into BDCI. More details will be explained within the June Quarterly financials.

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