Audio Interview with Jason Tucker,CEO of OTC: LEAS

Jason Tucker, CEO of Strategic Asset Leasing Inc., is Featured in a New Interview at Tucker called in to, Inc. to go over the business model and markets served by his Company. In addition, Tucker provided his personal comments on the
milestones reached in 2020, recent news and upcoming events for the Company. LEAS recently announced announce a joint venture (JV) agreement with Electric Tribe, LLC. Electric Tribe has significant project experience in the nascent cannabis sector and will be working with LEAS to develop applications for contactless compliance protocols.

In the interview, Tucker provided details on how the Company is entering the cannabis tech markets though its JV with Electric Tribe, LLC, how LEAS will focus on the California market first before expanding into other states and the goals he has for becoming an established player is this burgeoning marketplace.

About Strategic Asset Leasing Inc.

LEAS is focused on leveraging technology assets with an initial focus on the Fintech industry and the Internet of Things (IOT). The “Internet of Things”, simply put, are devices and objects that also have an online connection such as personal voice assistants, smart home systems, video doorbells etc. These are rapidly growing sectors and LEAS will be developing and licensing technologies that will help companies penetrate these markets, thereby increasing shareholder value.

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