9-9-2020 SmallCapVoice Interview with KULR Technology Group Inc.

Former Chief of Strategic Prioritization at the Pentagon, Dave Harden, elaborates on his illustrious career with Pentagon and U.S. Air Force and how his past work will assist KULR secure more contracts for its advanced thermal management capabilities.

In the interview Dave Harden stated, “The DOD (Department of Defense), over the past few years, has really put more of an emphasis on dual-use technologies like KULR’s advanced thermal management capabilities. In the 1950’s and 60’s it use the be that three dollars of research money came out of the DOD for every dollar that came out of the private sector for research and that’s flipped now. Companies like KULR need a sort of interpreter to navigate this new landscape.” He continued, “One of the big breakthroughs is the reinvention over the last few years of the SBIR (small business innovation research) grant. The SBIR is hundreds of millions of dollars set aside for small businesses to be fast tracked and receive non-dilutive capital. Through our combined efforts, KULR is now on that track. By winning a Phase 1 SBIR, KULR is now officially partners with the U.S. Air Force. Currently we have KULR submitted for a Phase 2 SBIR which will potentially be rewarded later this year for $750,000. This will really help KULR move to the next step in the Aerospace and Defense sectors.”

KULR Technology Group, Inc. (NYSE: KULR) develops, manufactures and licenses next-generation carbon fiber thermal management technologies for batteries and electronic systems. Leveraging the company’s roots in developing breakthrough cooling solutions for NASA space missions and backed by a strong intellectual property portfolio, KULR enables leading aerospace, electronics, energy storage, 5G infrastructure, and electric vehicle manufacturers to make their products cooler, lighter and safer for the consumer. For more information, please visit www.kulrtechnology.com.

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