A Closer Look at APT Systems’ Verifundr Escrow and Payments Platform

APT Systems Inc. (OTC: APTY) recently made headlines in the fintech space for its successful funding efforts and recent app acquisition. They have an ambitious agenda supported by a team of highly qualified professionals experienced in both the financial and tech worlds.

While looking at each new initiative introduced by the company is important, it might be the right time for investors to focus on its Blockchain endeavor branded as the Verifundr escrow and payments platform. The CEO of APTY, Glenda Dowie, envisioned Verifundr as the go-to platform for individual and businesses to acquire the verified information needed to enter into agreements that are supported by an independent escrow facility. There’s a need for cohesion when it comes to fintech, and management is taking the necessary steps to make Verifundr the solution the market so desperately needs.

A New Financial Ecosystem

As Blockchain technology continues to grow in popularity, more companies are experimenting with how it can be applied to their profession or industry. In the case of the financial world, smart contracts are a series of if/then statements that make it simple and secure to perform financial transactions quickly without the risk of fraud. Verifundr can make it easy to verify the parties involved so decisions and funding can be made quickly in real time. Each member of the platform will need to be thoroughly vetted in order to access and perform functions. The platform makes every effort to comply with banking regulations including Know Your Customer and Anti-money laundering rules.

Breaking the Barriers

Traditional banks operating on legacy systems can’t keep up with an increasingly cash-less society on the go. Their outdated solutions typically don’t have the capability to keep up with new privacy and security laws or disruptive fintech solutions that are being introduced on a near-daily basis. Verifundr is a way to offer the public a better option to increase marketplace trust while simultaneously speeding up the rate at which they can fund their transactions. Members can deposit, hold, and distribute funds from escrow accounts no matter where they are in the US and without having to worry about the safety of the system.

Constructive Meetings

When the company joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) in 2017, it was clear that APTY wanted to take their knowledge and access to the next level. Dowie met with the Executive Director of EEA to discuss how to best offer and receive support from fellow EEA members. This audience has come to expect a lot from cryptoassets and Blockchain, and APTY is more than ready to meet the heightened demand settling on Ethereum for its efficacy and promise. Ethereum has a superior approach to smart contracts that has launched it from obscurity to superstar status practically overnight. Dowie chose it because she believes that its mechanisms are the right platform to support her company’s technology.

Looking Ahead

APTY will continue to explore new ways to implement technology without sacrificing the user experience. By introducing new and effective verification methods, APTY is laying the groundwork to create the inroads they need to tempt the public with smarter financial tools. The power of the Blockchain doesn’t merely allow people to complete safer (and faster) transactions, it can potentially encourage the sharing of ideas. When parties can trust both the platform and its members, the opportunities for collaboration are endless. As APTY prepares to launch four complimentary platforms, investors should take note of their mission, and measured responses to ever-changing technology and consumer demands.

About the Author

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