APT Systems Helping Snapt Games Break Through A Crowded Mobile Market

San Francisco-based developer Snapt Games is looking to make a splash in the mobile games market over the next five years. The company is a subsidiary of APT Systems, Inc. (OTC Pink: APTY) and launched last year quickly releasing its first two games. APT Systems has secured initial funding for scaling up Snapt Games’ production schedule and mapped out a strategy to avoid the pitfall that 80 to 90 percent of all mobile game developers fall into — namely, going out of business within four years of their launch date.

Growth Supported by APT Systems, Inc. (APTY)

APT Systems is financial technology company that creates stock trading tools for mobile devices. While stock trading and Candy Crush-style mobile games may not seem compatible on the surface, APT saw the potential to include gaming technologies into the look and functionality of its apps like Kencharts. More importantly, APTY saw it as an opportunity to diversify its portfolio and expand its revenue potential by breaking into the still-growing mobile gaming market. Nearly half of tablet owners have now switched off their TVs and PCs, and market research shows that four out of five tablet owners are now playing mobile games. Mobile game downloads continue to hit record highs each year and app store revenues topped $102 billion in 2017 (by comparison, global box office revenues for the movie industry were $38.3 billion that same year). APT Systems settled on launching its own company, Snapt Games, for exploring and conducting its research into gaming tools.

Back-to-Back Launches

The incorporation of Snapt Games in August 2017 was quickly followed by the release of Snapt’s first game, Chick Chick Boom, in September. Similar to Farm Heroes, Chick Chick Boom is a Match 3-style free-to-download game with in-app purchases. The game includes 500 levels and players can track their progress and compete with their friends on Facebook. Chick Chick Boom was quickly praised by gamers for its high-quality graphics and adorable farm animal characters, which players can rescue by solving puzzles.

Chick Chick Boom was quickly followed in November of 2017 by Hogg Wild, Snapt Games’ second release. While similar in play-style, Hogg Wild expanded on Chick Chick Boom in nearly every way. It’s a major graphics upgrade over its predecessor and doubled the game size to 1,000 levels. It’s the same style of Match-3 game, but with graphical and content upgrades to reflect a slightly older core audience of gamers.

Snapt Games already had its third, recently announced game Candy Chefs under development when Hogg Wild was released in November. Glenda Dowie, CEO of APT Systems, Inc., has hinted that Snapt Games’ next title will be in a different genre and that revenues from it will support a worthy charitable cause.

Scaling Up

A recent acquisition of its live wallpaper app supports management’s announcement of an ambitious plan to launch fifty new mobile game titles over the next three to five years. The company has secured funding to handle short-term costs including this recent acquisition, until Snapt becomes fully self-sustaining through in-game revenues. So, what does the road map look like for them from here, and how does APT Systems plan to overcome the hurdles that have sunk so many game developers previously?

APT Systems came up with a strategy for rapid market penetration that would initially be supported entirely by in-game advertising. That was quickly enhanced by in-app purchases for Chick Chick Boom and Hogg Wild. The third phase of APT Systems’ plan was to offer free-to-play game demos with an option to purchase the full game and buying the game download outright. Snapt Games would scale up as it pushed new titles into the Google Play store and the Apple App Store.

Fifty games sounds like a grueling pace for any gaming company, but APT Systems has announced its intent to fund Snapt Games goals to actively acquire cash generating games. This looks to give Snapt Games is big boost on its path to fifty new titles and if successful, it could put Snapt Games well on its way to becoming a fully self-sustaining subsidiary of APT Systems, Inc.

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