APT Systems, Inc.: A Promising FinTech Start-Up for Modern Times

APT Systems, Inc. (OTC: APTY) recently shared some big news with the markets about their funding triumphs in 2018 and news from their subsidiary company, Snapt Games. They recently negotiated a successful seed funding round while managing to pick up a new iOS app along the way. This fintech company has been exploring a variety of new technologies on the market to help people manage their trades and portfolios to reach their financial goals. For a better idea of where APTY is headed, read on to find out more about how this platform developing company is hitting some major milestones as of late.

Funding Triumph

In mid-April, APTY announced to the world the results of their funding round with an impressive $600,000. The investment was bestowed to APTY by TRITON FUNDS, a venture fund launched by the students of the University of California, San Diego. These students are getting the real-world experience they need to jump into the VC world after graduation by seeking out promising start-ups while still in school. With the help of established VC professionals, they’re choosing companies who have the resources and experiences to make a splash in a competitive market. The CEO of APT Systems, Glenda Dowie was both impressed by the students’ professionalism and enthusiasm, and is excited to be a part of their larger umbrella.

Big Plans

The money will ultimately be used to expand an existing trading platform and stock charting app that makes it easier for traders to get more from their online stock buying and selling experience. APTY earned this opportunity after completing a number of different interviews with TRITON FUNDS and providing documentation for their review under a formalized due diligence process. This vote of confidence is directly on the heels of the platform’s release of KenCharts iOS Version 1.0. APT Systems is also getting ready to launch an Android version of Kencharts as well and is currently in development for a 2.0 version. Dowie is excited to make Intuitrader more readily available to all who could benefit by using the trading tools.

A Hard-Earned Goal

Snapt Games is a subsidiary of APTY that recently acquired an app with previously established cash flow. This was a major goal for Dowie because she understands the way the financial services industry is moving. She’s already seen a lot of changes in the financial sector, but one of her favorite shifts has been the introduction of mobile trading tools and understands how gaming technology can improve users’ experience. Instead of the hard black-and-white numbers that may have put off casual investors, technology acquired with Snapt’s new addition make it far more interesting for users to participate in a world that may have once seemed too frustrating or threatening.

A Look at the Future

The company has long wanted to break into games and novelty apps so it can apply technology to make it easier for people to understand where their money is at and where it should go. Now that they’re formally moving comfortably into that space, management is getting ready to branch out further into other types of financial technology, including Blockchain. They’re also developing an escrow and payment system as well as a new type of commodity platform. From afar, APT Systems may look as though it’s still figuring things out, but the reality is that APTY is using a few select core ideas to start bringing real financial solutions to those who want smarter ways to manage their money and trades.

A Look at the Leadership

Dowie has been candid about her company’s leadership, which is a huge relief to investors who appreciate transparency. The highly qualified people on her team come from a variety of backgrounds to provide new perspective and breathe fresh life into company ideas. By being open to different ways of moving her business forward, she understands that APTY has a better chance of being able to keep up with a rapidly changing world. The financial technology of today is moving at such a fast pace that the traditional financial sector hasn’t always been able to keep up. APT Systems is aiming to close that gap for consumers who demand it.

The team has spent a lot of time theorizing and developing their technology, but this year they’re getting ready to put those technical documents and prototypes to good use. With the help of new funding options and their new iOS app acquisition, they’re raising the bar on their long-term goals.

About the Author

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