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APT Systems, Inc. is a fintech company focused on stock trading platforms and visualization solutions for the financial markets for delivery on hand held devices.

The Management of APT Systems, Inc. works to deliver stock trading tools like Kencharts and its trading platform Intuitrader with a focus on handheld devices; while also strategically acquiring other compatible financial businesses which demonstrate strong growth potential. We are continuing our diligent search for software products that would enhance our operations while still watching dialogue on the proposed legislation for a Fintech National Banking Charter. Management recently launched its subsidiaries SNAPT Games, Inc. and RCPS Management, Inc. to further facilitate new products and long-term goals.

Market Info

Pink Sheets: APTY

Market Cap: 3,181,740 09/10/2018

Authorized Shares: 750,000,000 09/07/2018

Outstanding Shares: 349,641,714 09/07/2018

Float: 133,298,596 09/12/2017

Shareholders of Record: 55 05/11/2018

Short Interest: 211,747 (184.19%) 07/31/2018

Transfer Agent: Pacific Stock Transfer Co.

Key Executives

Ms. Glenda M. Dowie – Founder, Chief Executive Officer, President

Mr. Joseph Gagnon – Secretary, Director

Mr. Carl Hussey – Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer, Director

APT Systems Inc.
505 Montgomery Street
11th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94111

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