Cannabis Consortium, Inc. (Pink Sheets: BDCI)

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Cannabis Consortium is a subsidiary of Bahamas Development Corporation (OTC: BDCI) Global Consortium, Inc DBA Cannabis Consortium

Specialty Items

Cannabis Consortium has designed three unique specialty item food delivery systems. Each system is patent-able. A different type of patented delivery system was used in a non-MJ sector application. The company marketing their device sold millions of units annually, and this proves a viable market exists for the products Cannabis Consortium has designed. The design of each of our delivery systems offers markedly different solutions to the specific technological problems, processes, and materials than the patented system. These major differences will allow us to file a series of patent applications that should be approved by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The usage applications for the delivery systems are flexible enough to appeal to both MJ and non-MJ sectors. This flexibility broadens the markets Cannabis Consortium can sell the device to since not all States have currently approved the use of marijuana for recreational or medical use, and not all buyers will need or want to be marijuana consumers. Cannabis Consortium will additionally apply for a series of Trademarks to USPTO to register and protect the brand names and logos, as applicable.

Cocoa based products

Cannabis Consortium plans to purchase rare 100% pure cocoa based derivatives such as powder, pastes, and chocolates. Cannabis Consortium has already established a relationship with a large farm located in the original home of the cocoa bean. The cocoa products we plan to sell are premier grade and very rare Nacional cacao bean types that when processed produce more mellow tasting and less acidic chocolate that lacks bitterness. The bean types are already scientifically tested for heritage, quality, and chemistry by a major global cocoa processor as part of the farmers ongoing in-country sales to the processor. As with our other specialty items we will market cocoa based derivative products to established Edible companies. Our direct relationship with the farmer gives us the ability to offer MJ cocoa consumers rare premium quality from-the-bean-to-the-table products. Edible companies we work with will be able chose the optimum format in which to then use the cocoa products they purchase from us to best enhance the flavor of their MJ products.


Using rare premium quality natural unsweetened cocoa powder, we plan to create MJ infused drinks in various MJ strengths and different flavors. While mixing chocolate and MJ into a drinking format is not a new concept, our ability to purchase 100% pure premier grade Nacional cacao beans will provide definitive advantages with respect to taste, quality, and marketability. As with our other specialty items we plan to partner with existing operations to create the best products in every location where sales are made. Our supplier has estimated to be able to begin supplying us with cocoa products by the end of the second quarter of 2018 subject to their export licensing and regulatory approval processes. Once the export-import channel has been established Cannabis Consortium will be able to market cocoa derivative products to its existing clients in the edible business. Cannabis should by this time have at least one (1) edible license and will be able to work the cocoa based products for consumer purchase in its own facility.

Market Info

Market Cap: 7,001,966 11/12/2018

Authorized Shares: 1,750,000,000 10/17/2018

Outstanding Shares: 220,187,610 10/17/2018

Float: 128,000,001 10/17/2018

Shareholders of Record: 388 01/12/2017

Short Interest: 5 58,510 (586.98%) 10/15/2018

Transfer Agent: Madison Stock Transfer Inc.

Key Executives

Matthew Dwyer – CEO

Cannabis Consortium, Inc.
6810 N State Rd 7
Coconut Creek, FL 33073

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