Why the Best Team Always Wins at Surge Holdings, Inc.


An innovative retail supply chain company, Surge Holdings (OTC: SURG) is marked by its emphasis on technology, analysis and virtual distribution. Through Surge, retailers can offer prepaid telecommunications systems and financial payment services to a traditionally unbanked or under-banked demographic. After launching the SurgePays™ Network as a virtual wholesale marketplace hub that connects regional manufacturers to independently owned retailers, Surge has moved to aggressively add additional retail locations to its network and expand its market reach.

With SurgePays™, companies such as local corner stores, tiendas and bodegas get direct access to a global set of products and a supply chain that was previously unavailable to them. The platform is able to analyze and deliver products that will best sell in each store and is a cost-effective and efficient way for manufacturers to get access to retailers.

While Surge emphasizes technology, the core of its operations is driven by an exceptionally creative, hard-working team led by CEO Brian Cox.

Cox is no stranger to competition. With a background in competitive sports, his experience is that 99% of the time, the team with the best players wins. In business, the same concept is vital to building a strong operation. Cox has found that by surrounding himself with others of a similar mindset, he is able to achieve great things. Applying this mentality to Surge, the company focuses on recruiting team players who can move 100 miles per hour – professionals who are focused, dedicated and eager to achieve.

For the past 20 years, Cox has innovated within the sphere of telecommunications and products, and he ensures that the people around him have similar discipline and the ability to execute tasks. The Surge team now includes Derron Winfrey and Mark Gardner, two highly accomplished professionals retained through the company’s recent asset purchase of the ECS Prepaid business, Electronic Check Services business, and the Central States Legal Services business (collectively, “ECS”).

Delegation is also key to Surge’s business strategy. Cox has hired subject matter experts, as well as individuals who are exceptionally good at managing subsidiaries, so that he can focus on the bigger picture. In doing so, Cox has time to plan where the company will be in five years, while his team focuses on managing things on the ground. Together, Cox and his team ensure everything is in line, the money is going where it should, and that the hierarchy of management is working for them.

As mentioned above, Surge recently completed a deal with ECS, adding 9,800 new retail locations to its base, $48.7 million in annual projected revenue, and a total of 165 salespeople.

While existing revenue is an obvious benefit, the focus at Surge is on relationships – and this is what makes the company unique. Relationships create sales — sales create profit. By acquiring ECS, Surge added nearly 10,000 stores to its network, along with management teams that control and service these stores. These relationships go far beyond the annual projected revenue, and Cox believes that the revenue growth will be considerable.

Together, the Surge and existing ECS teams will bring in several categorized products recognized as “hot sellers.” Increasing profits by even a meager $1,000 per store a month would generate tremendous returns. This type of growth is core to the Surge’s strategy, which leans on relationships to generate scale.

Moving Toward 150,000 Retail Locations

Cox is currently rolling-out another contract into 140,000 stores, actively hiring regional salespeople to bring its total store count to 150,000. The team he has built is familiar with this type of fast, high-pressure scaling. Paired with an aggressive acquisition strategy, Surge’s team of experienced developers and analysts is focused on and capable of quickly moving into businesses and recognizing the products that will sell. The future of Surge is driven by technology, acquisition and discipline, but most importantly, the right people.

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