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Partner with Blue Marble to commercialize natural and sustainable alternatives to chemicals derived from crude oil.

About Blue Marble

Our sustainable biochemicals solve a modern dilemma: producing the ingredients we need for the things we use and consume without relying on materials and processes that negatively impact our environment. Here are some commonly asked questions about our company, our processes, and our offerings.

Does Blue Marble make end-products?
No. We don’t produce the end products, we manufacture the ingredients that manufacturers need to make products. We provide renewable and natural replacements for the petrochemicals they usually purchase.

Will manufacturers actually make the switch?
We believe they will. By using biomass (organic materials) that would otherwise go to waste, Blue Marble is able to provide non-GMO natural ingredients at a relatively low cost, making it an enticing and viable option for manufacturers interested in growing their share of or entering into the eco-friendly marketplace. Indeed, some manufacturers are already making the switch by purchasing Blue Marble products (Blue Marble currently sells a limited number of products).

What is the Blue Marble process?
The solution lies in biological and chemical processes that have already been tested by mother nature over thousands of years. Our patented process utilizes by-product plant material streams from food/beverage manufacturers as well as the agricultural and forestry industries in conjunction with managed ecosystems of bacteria to produce complex chemical compounds. These compounds are refined using green chemical processes. Check out the process infographic below or visit to learn more.

Are Blue Marble biochemicals genetically modified?
No. Our ingredients are derived only from nature.

What kind of ingredients does Blue Marble develop?
Our offerings include natural colors, aroma chemicals, flavor ingredients, vitamins, and more.

What replaces crude oil in your natural biochemicals?
Unlike petroleum chemical manufacturers, we use only organic materials, such as spent coffee and tea, and tomato and grape pomace (what’s left after pressing for juice) that would otherwise be discarded, as the starting material for our natural chemicals.

How do manufacturers know what is in the biochemicals you supply?
In some cases, by partnering with Blue Marble, manufacturers have the ability to choose the organic material they want to use for their products. We are the first in the industry to offer this, which results in unparalleled traceability of the ingredients in our products. In cases where choice of source biomass is not an option, we are committed to process transparency.

What is the outlook for Blue Marble?
The demand for natural alternatives continues to grow, and we’re not only propelling the wave, we’re also riding it. Our proprietary technologies already allow us to create a variety of specialty biochemicals for immediate use. As industry pioneers, we’re also constantly testing new pathways to give manufacturers more and more options for natural replacements.

With our proprietary technologies, we’re creating a variety of specialty biochemicals that can be used in the flavor, fragrance, and personal care markets. The markets that Blue Marble serves for the ingredients shown in the graphic below add up to $62 billion USD per year as of 2015, and are expected to grow by almost 20% in the next five years. Source: Zion Market Research, Statista, Markets and Markets.

Blue Marble

Partner with Blue Marble to commercialize natural and sustainable alternatives to chemicals derived from crude oil.

Partner with Blue Marble to commercialize natural and sustainable alternatives to chemicals derived from crude oil.

For a short time, investors of all levels will have the opportunity to claim their piece of a sustainable future. Make your investment in Blue Marble today by participating in our Regulation A+ (Reg. A+ See below for FAQ) online public offering.

Consumer demand for natural alternatives is growing exponentially and manufacturers are eager to capitalize on the growing market. That means the market for naturally derived biochemicals – Blue Marble’s bread and butter – is also strong.

To meet the demand, Blue Marble must be able to increase its production capabilities and research and develop new natural chemicals. Your investment will allow us to do this, while at the same time reducing human dependence on crude oil.

Anyone can participate. Experienced investors and everyday consumers can make a difference by investing in Blue Marble and the future of sustainable biochemicals. These frequently asked questions provide basic information about the Blue Marble offering.

What is Regulation A+?
Regulation A+ is an opportunity for startup and small businesses to raise funds. More details can be found here.

Who can invest in a Regulation A+ offering?
This offering will be available to anyone. Most investors are limited, however, to no more than 10% of their annual income or net worth (excluding home values). Accredited investors have no limit on the size of their investment.

Is this crowdfunding? How is it any different from Kickstarter?
Regulation A+ is a specialized type of equity crowdfunding. However, it’s much different from Kickstarter. With Kickstarters, people are contributing money to fund creative or pre-order products without ownership benefits. Regulation A+ investors receive equity (shares) in our company.

Who is Manhattan Street Capital?
Manhattan Street Capital is acting as Blue Marble’s fundraising platform. Manhattan Street Capital specializes in Regulation A+ offerings. See the FAQ and Blog to learn more.

Why can’t I invest now?
At this point, the Blue Marble Regulation A+ offering is not yet “Qualified” by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The offering is currently in the informal TestTheWaters™ stage and we are only allowed to accept non-binding reservations until our offering is qualified.

Is there an investment amount minimum?
Once the investment opportunity is made available, the minimum investment will be $300 USD.

Will the share price increase?
There is no way to know what will happen to the share price. You should only invest money that you can afford to lose.

How will I know what is going on with the offering as it progresses?
We will post updates on this website and will periodically send you emails when interesting developments happen.

Who can I contact for more information?
Please post comments here and the Blue Marble team will reply to you. You can also send emails to Blue Marble by clicking here.

Partner with Blue Marble to commercialize natural and sustainable alternatives to chemicals derived from crude oil.

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