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The Company

Boston Carriers, Inc. is an international, shipping company providing ideal solutions for worldwide seaborne transportation of dry bulk commodities through owned and managed fleet.

Boston’s fleet currently consist of one Handymax vessel.

Boston reports under Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) rules and regulations, and applies U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles’ financial reporting standards.

Corporate Strategy

We believe that the key to success in shipping is investing on the right time to capitalize on significant capital gains.

Today, there is an exceptional investment opportunity to acquire and operate a fleet of dry bulk vessels by investing and buying vessels at the best prices of the last 25 years in asset values.

Competitive Advantage

Shipping is international and is characterized by highly cyclical freight markets.

Boston is buying vessels at the best market of the last 25 years in asset values for acquisitions.

Market values of dry bulk vessels experienced a sharp decrease and most of our competitors have high acquisition costs for their assets that will not allow them to experience the benefits of a market recovery.

Boston offers a unique investment opportunity to fully benefit from a market recovery on dry bulk industry.

Market Info

Market Cap: 8,247,589 04/26/2018

Outstanding Shares: 1,099,678,521 04/19/2018

Short Interest: 9,025 (-58.98%) 03/29/2018

Transfer Agent: Pacific Stock Transfer Co.

Key Executives

Antonios Bertsos – C.E.O., C.F.O. and Director

William Corbett – Non Executive Director

Boston Carriers, Inc.
18 Poseidonos Avenue
Athens 17674

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