BYND Cannasoft Aims to Enter Global Condom Market

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BYND Cannasoft Enterprises Inc. (Nasdaq: BCAN) (CSE: BYND) announced today its plans to enter into the global condom market with an innovative, double-faceted design. The company’s new condom, which is still in the patent application process, is intended to increase sexual pleasure and comfort while also providing greater protection against sexually transmitted infections.

The design of the double-faceted condom features a pocket that is designed to contain lubricant which is released evenly when used. This allows users to customize their experience with diluted natural oils such as cannabis and CBD products at low concentrations. The condom’s innovative design creates a heightened sexual pleasure for both partners while also providing greater protection against STDs.

With the growth of the condom market expected to reach $10.97 billion by 2030, BYND Cannasoft’s double-faceted design could revolutionize the market, specifically in cannabis friendly locations. The company intends to make its revolutionary condom available in the near future and is confident that it will stand out among competitors.

For shareholders, BYND Cannasoft seems committed to improving access to safe sex practices for everyone and enabling more pleasurable sexual experiences. This new product will provide consumers a novel way of protecting themselves without sacrificing comfort or quality.

Combined with their EZ-G device, their revolutionary device for treating vaginal problems using CBD oil, BYND Cannasoft’s commitment to sexual healthcare. Yftah Ben Yaackov, CEO and Director of BYND Cannasoft, said it best in the latest press release, “The expansion of our patent for the EZ-G device to include a double-faceted condom design could create additional value for BYND Cannasoft. Should we be successful with our patent application, the global condom market is fragmented, but growing significantly. Many of the leading vendors are opting for the acquisition of small and medium-sized vendors to increase their revenue share in the market. We will keep our shareholders updated on this new development.”

For those who don’t know, BYND Cannasoft holds an initial approval from the Medical Cannabis Unit in the Ministry of Health of the State of Israel, for a contactless business license that allows trading in medical cannabis products without contact with the actual substance. This is a unique license that is held by only a limited number of companies in Israel and could potentially be used to its advantage when it comes to producing cannabis-infused condoms. With this additional innovation, BYND Cannasoft may prove itself to be a game changer in the cannabis industry.
The company is currently in the final stages of obtaining their full cannabis license and they plan on using it to operate through a licensed medical cannabis farm where they will produce their own private label cannabis products.

Looks like there’s even more coming on the way from BYND Cannasoft and we’re optimistic about this new patent application they’ve initiated.


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