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Affluence Corp. (OTC:AFFU)

Affluence Corporation (AFFU.PK) is a diversified technology company focused on innovative software solutions that capitalize on IoT, AI and 5G technologies. AFFU is investing in mid-market businesses to create a cohesive unit which brings together technology for the next generation of internet.

The companies that Affluence invests in deliver services that will transform how organizations and industries operate through edge computing, nano-cloud creation and a unique integrated edge based smart city solution. These innovative technologies are no longer nice-to-haves but essential for organizations to successfully compete in today’s fast-moving world.
As the world moves towards a world powered by data with new devices, networks, and applications. Through acquired companies,

Affluence Corporation offers solutions to deliver next generation communication services to consumers, enterprises, and governments.

“We are making steady progress with executing on all fronts,” said James E. Honan, Jr., Affluence’s CEO. “ISLP is currently awaiting the executed MOU for an engagement with one of the largest telecom companies in Asia. Under this engagement, we will build ‘fiber technology-based last mile infrastructure’ and deliver technology products and services through an ‘Aggregation Platform’ to the existing and new subscribers of the said telecom company. The COVID outbreak in Asia has delayed the final execution of the MOU and subsequent contracts but we anticipate having them completed and begin work against the contract this quarter. In addition, we are in negotiations to acquire two technology companies with unique offerings to strengthen our portfolio of solutions and services with leading-edge technologies for the above project and expect to announce LOI’s in the third quarter as well,” said Honan.

“OneMind Technologies has been selected to provide its Smart City solutions platform for one of the world’s largest Smart City projects. “The OneMind Smart City platform will be the solution behind managing this large deployment that is being delivered by one of the major integration firms in the world and one of the world’s largest technology providers. We expect the official announcement to come in July 2021. The OneMind product will also be included as a value-added service for the Asia fiber opportunity,” said Honan.

OneMind Technologies SL based in Barcelona, Spain is a wholly owned subsidiary of Affluence Corporation. The OneMind intelligent IoT solution builder is used to create applications for smart construction and smart city operations. Functioning as a system of systems, OneMind connects data sources to one single point of insight to provide real-time information on operational processes. It is a key component in the enterprise solutions currently being offered by several Fortune 50 companies that resell, distribute, and integrate smart city enterprise solutions.

Affluence Corporation
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