CyberloQ is Well Positioned to Address the Multi-Billion Dollar Payment Fraud Market

CyberloQ Technologies, Inc. (OTC: CLOQ)

We now know with abject certainty that there is no longer a place for the axiom “business as usual.” It is banished forever. Even those who felt they had seen it all have never seen anything like this. COVID-19 is the tsunami that has ripped through the world, leaving in its wake total carnage of economies, businesses, communities, schools and healthcare systems. No one was prepared for this.

Established crisis management plans, from a global perspective, did not anticipate this crisis. Well it is here, and like all the rest of the smaller-scale crises before it, this too will pass. Still, business will change, and one could argue – for the better.

What we once viewed as invasive or a trampling of our rights here in America and around the world was freely accepted, or at least adhered to in order to protect our physical wellbeing. What about our financial wellbeing? The world was forced to become a consumer of a different type over the past few months. While online shopping is not a new thing, the consumer flocking in droves to websites to stock their homes was unheralded. This new need to consume more online created a ripe opportunity for hackers and other criminals and a desperate need for all of us to protect our personal and financial data. Thus, the need for a new solution to tackle this nuance to an old problem was needed.

Enter CyberloQ. CyberloQ keeps user’s sensitive Personal Identifiable Information (PII) in “non-active” status, only accessible through a secure authentication process. With a unique technology in hand, CyberloQ Technologies, Inc., can cover anything and everything that is connected to the internet, a web-based portal, debit cards, and credit cards. To date, none of their competitors has the whole suite of products that CyberloQ possesses. Utilizing elements of a user’s PIN – in combination with the unique MEID or UDID of the mobile device – CyberloQ creates a robust perimeter that prevents would-be hackers from activating user’s accounts. Leveraging Google’s geolocation service, CyberloQ creates a virtual boundary – otherwise known as a Geofence – around each user and their confidential information. CyberloQ’s Geofencing functionality is compatible with the latest wireless technology, including cellular networks, Bluetooth, and WiFi. Whether it is a designated perimeter over a city, building, if a user’s designated Geofenced cyber perimeter is breached, the account is immediately disabled. However, the card continues to function normally with no interruption of service.  This is not the case with all debit and credit cards as you may have to wait to be issued a new one if you have been breached. To breach a CyberloQ Geofence, hackers would need all the user’s PIN data, be in possession of the user’s personal mobile device, and be physically within the designated Geofence.

Currently, the use  of text codes, as is the case with many of CyberloQ’s competitors, are becoming more of a nuisance as the codes aren’t registering or expire by the time you enter them and have to wait on another code to be sent and this cycle can repeat itself multiple times. CyberloQ Geofencing provides an easy to use proactive cyber security measure. It creates a scalable hardened target and keeps cyber criminals on the outside – where they belong. This means CyberloQ shuts down any suspicious activity before it goes further.  Other companies tell you after your vital info has been compromised and now you may be in a tedious process of restoring your identity and waiting to be issued another card. CyberloQ is constantly running 24/7. While Geofencing may not be needed in every instance, CyberloQ is always protecting you.

“We’re seeing mega-breaches happening on an extremely frequent basis,” Chris Ahern, a data scientist and principal at Strategic Cyber Ventures, told Reuters. “I don’t think that’s going to stop anytime soon. And investors are seeing that as an opportunity for investment.”

As noted above, CyberloQ also provides protection of websites susceptible to these “mega-breaches”.

With a market showing no signs of slowing down:E-commerce payment fraud to exceed $25 billion annually”, CyberloQ is well positioned to add crucial assistance to consumers and their partners within in the financial ecosystem they operate in.

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