Deep Green Waste & Recycling Brings High Tech to Trash and Recycling and the Winner is the Environment

Deep Green Waste & Recycling Brings High Tech to Waste Management, Creating Win for Environment

Deep Green Waste & Recycling (OTC: DGWR) is a logistics company deploying a unique, technology-driven approach to the way commercial customers manage their waste. 

In a recent interview with, Deep Green president and CEO Lloyd Spencer detailed the company’s business model and commitment to innovative waste management and recycling solutions, and defined its growth strategy for 2020.

“This is really an exciting time in the industry,” Spencer stated in the interview. “We’re embarking on a new era of recycling and waste management with a greater emphasis on more recycling and less waste disposal.”

Customer-Centric Waste Management and Recycling Solutions

Deep Green works with commercial clients such as colleges/universities, municipalities, housing complexes and shopping malls, contracting directly with the property owners or management companies to develop customized, efficient waste management and recycling programs. 

To execute the logistics of these programs, Deep Green utilizes Internet of Things (IoT) technology to monitor its clients’ trash compactors. The monitors communicate with contracted waste hauling and recycling companies to ensure that pickups occur only when needed, reducing costs for the client and improving efficiency. 

“Using our smart compactor platform, we can see when the waste and recycling compactors are getting full and then engage with the hauler, as opposed to having somebody arrive, whether you need it or not,” Spencer explained

2020 Growth Strategy

For fiscal 2020, Deep Green has defined a growth strategy that merges its IoT technology and waste management and recycling services to:  

  • Deliver cost-effective, sustainable, high-value services that increase customer satisfaction and logistical efficiency
  • Provide recycling services that reduce the disposal of plastic, electronic, food and hazardous waste
  • Create new partnerships with universities and companies
  • Acquire profitable waste and recycling companies
  • Attract investment funds to work with the company and achieve these growth objectives

Acquisitions and Partnerships 

Innovation is a key driver for the future of the waste management industry. Companies across the country are exploring new ways to efficiently and affordably improve waste management. Within this evolving market, Deep Green aims to establish itself as a sustainable waste management provider recognized for reducing customer costs, minimizing the volume of waste streams, and optimizing waste amounts going to recycle centers. 

Deep Green’s growth-by-acquisition strategy will initially focus on acquiring profitable and modestly sized companies that serve regional communities, and that employ similar or compatible business models, such as “roll off dumpster” services for commercial construction and demolition; rental unit and moving clean-up; and major storm clean-up projects.  

The company also plans to partner with innovative universities, municipalities and companies that are focused on sustainable waste management and recycling practices.

“Those are the kind of companies we’ll be looking at partnering with and possibly acquiring, so that Deep Green can grow into an affordable and sustainable waste management company that can maximize recycling (and) minimize waste,” Spencer said. “(Those outcomes are) ultimately what our commercial customers are looking for.”

The net result is a business strategy that works both for Deep Green customers and the environment.

Leadership Team with Technology Expertise

At the forefront of Deep Green’s mission is Spencer, who leverages his extensive executive experience in the public and private sectors to head the company as CEO. He previously served as chairman and president of CoroWare Inc., a publicly held technology company. He also served as corporate secretary of TraqIQ and vice president of sales at Planet Technologies. He has been a product manager and engineer for Microsoft, Newbridge Networks, Sun Microsystems, and Hewlett-Packard.  

Bill Edmonds is chairman and interim chief financial officer. He is the former president of Deep Green and served as president and chief financial officer of Compaction and Recycling Equipment Inc. and Columbia Financial Services Inc. He previously served as chief financial officer and vice president of operations at International Environmental Management, a waste and recycling business focused exclusively on retail mall businesses. He also spent several years in telecommunications in various leadership positions.  

To learn more about Deep Green Waste & Recycling, please visit the company here and view the coverage here

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