Eco Innovation Group Optimistic with the Biden Administration

Eco Innovation Group Inc. (OTC:ECOX) Optimistic the Biden Administration will Empower Green Energy

The inauguration of President Joe Biden on January 20 was a major global event and major boon for green energy companies like Eco Innovation Group Inc. (OTC:ECOX).

Bring together technologies that help enhance social and environmental wellbeing, Eco Innovation last week issued a press release to welcome the incoming administration and to provide key updates for the company’s current and future shareholders.

The core of the message emphasized the Biden Administration’s unprecedented commitment to support a range of clean energy projects. Eco Innovation believes this commitment could provide “strong public policy tailwinds” in coming years.

The company also noted the Biden Administration’s stated plans to make significant investments in the green technology solutions space, which would represent a public policy shift that could significantly help Eco Innovation’s initiatives. 

Eco Innovation CEO and President Julia Otey-Raudes then pointed to President Biden’s plan to invest as much as $400 billion in the clean energy space over the course of the next decade. She added that the new “policy direction” of the Biden Administration could work as a catalyst toward fulfilling Eco Innovation’s vision and unlocking value from the investments that the company has made in recent years.

Now that it is apparent that the present administration’s policies may benefit Eco Innovation, it is perhaps necessary for investors to take a closer look at the company.

Eco Innovation was established by seasoned business professionals and inventors who were focused on developing the best innovative products that could improve people’s lives. The company takes this focus even further, funnelling its resources to make the world a better place by protecting the planet through green technology.

Eco Innovation’s unique business model supports this mission. The company forms joint ventures with actual inventors and allows them to work on products without any interference, understanding that the inventors it attracts are more interested in inventing than running a business. Hence, Eco Innovation provides inventors the perfect environment in which they can work their magic. In some cases, the company also licenses products that have been created by inventors. In this way, the company is able to create a large pool of diverse green technology.

Grouping innovative green technologies is only a part of the model. The company has also created an impressive network that helps with the distribution of products through independent distributors and provides financing support.

More importantly, the company also provides to the joint ventures the much-needed management support necessary for growth. The company claims that this two-pronged strategy of supporting innovations and providing distribution networks have led to its success.

CEO Otey-Raudes has been with Eco Innovation since its establishment and clearly understands the different aspects of a business that is focused on inventors. Otey-Raudes has assembled an impressive advisory board including Patrick Laurie who will head up Eco Innovation Group’s R&D efforts in Canada, intellectual property law attorney SaraLynn Mandel and inventor and world famous mathematician Demitri Hopkins.

Last but not the least, it is necessary to note that Eco Innovation has a highly selective process through which it chooses the inventions to back. In addition to screening an idea, the company works on market strategy development and the feasibility of having a business centered on the idea. These are part of the 9-step process that the company claims as its secret sauce for market success.

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