Get to Know Good Gaming, Inc.

2018 is already off to a great start for Good Gaming, Inc. The Pennsylvania-based social esport company has been uplisted to the OTCQB venture market (GMER). Its first Minecraft PvP server is already turning a profit and more servers are coming online soon. It has plans to break into the VR retail gaming space very soon. And with the recent acquisition of a crypto-currency division, Good Gaming just might be on to a longer-term strategy that could revolutionize payments in the competitive gaming sector.

Good Gaming, Inc.

According to Good Gaming, Inc. CEO David Dorwart, the company’s space is a place for gamers to feel “welcome, wanted and important.” It’s an online community where gamers can come together, socialize and compete. If you stop by the company’s website at, the first thing you’ll notice is that they are definitely in the Minecraft space. There are tens of thousands of Minecraft servers available in the marketplace, but Good Gaming’s server is one of only a handful that is being used as a business (the vast majority of Minecraft servers are simply hobbyist servers).

Good Gaming offers competitive tournaments for gamers, complete with prizes and other upgrades for players. It’s free for anyone to join and play, and Good Gaming’s moderators and software make it as family-friendly and kid-safe as possible. Using a micro-transaction model, the company sells Limited Edition gamer tags, keys for bigger and better loot, and other customizable “goodies,” the company’s first Minecraft server is already profitable. Emboldened by that success, Good Gaming has two more servers scheduled to come online this year.

Varsity eSports?

While the competitive esports space is targeted to an adult audience, Good Gaming, Inc. is specifically going after the younger markets. The company hopes to break into the high school and even junior high space, by approaching schools and offering competitive gaming much like any other sport. Good Gaming hopes that the idea of competitive Minecraft or other gaming tournaments among rival schools, much like a football or basketball rivalry, will be attractive enough to get schools onboard. The National Federation of State High School Associations gave the green light to esports through an endorsement just this year.

There are other non-traditional competitive activities that school districts are already adopting, so Good Gaming believes esports will the next “big thing” for schools. (Similar examples would be competitive robotics or computer coding leagues as examples of “sports” for the kids who don’t opt to play football.) Since professional gaming is now an actual profession, Good Gaming envisions a time when amateur players will be gaming in junior high and high school, before going on to compete in college-level esports and then finally the professional leagues.

VR Retail Space

Good Gaming is also exploring the retail VR gaming space as a future growth opportunity. VR retail businesses operate similarly to an internet cafe. Players typically come into a VR business today in groups of two to six, and purchase an hour or more of VR time to try the experience out. As virtual reality gaming continues to expand, it’s inevitable that it will grow into the ballooning esports arena as well. Expect more announcements from Good Gaming, Inc. on this in the near future.

Crypto-Currency Winnings

One of the most intriguing aspects of Good Gaming’s business model is the recent acquisition of Crypto Strategies Group. When esports tournament players were offered the opportunity to be paid in a fraction of a Bitcoin as opposed to cold, hard cash, Good Gaming was surprised to learn that a large percentage of younger gamers found the Bitcoin option more attractive. This adds an educational element to the entire package, according Good Gaming’s CEO. Kids open up a Bitcoin wallet, they learn more about investing and risk/reward strategies, and learn a lot more than if they simply win some cash and spend it at the mall. Younger gamers have no fear of the crypto currency market and therefore, they’re more likely to be attracted to Good Gaming’s PvP tournaments.

Good Gaming, Inc. has already carved out a niche within the competitive gaming space with its first Minecraft server. If it can keep up the pace already set as it moves into the VR space, 2018 and beyond are looking very positive for the company.

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