Get to Know Life on Earth Inc. Better

Life on Earth Inc. (OTC QB: LFER) is in the consumables business primarily focused in the beverage and snack categories, but there’s been some confusion surrounding exactly what they do and how they do it. As they have shifted their focus and their business expanded, there have been those that were confused on who the company is today. For those who may not sure what LFER stands for, it’s probably time to get to know Life on Earth Inc. better, so everyone is on the same page.

Making the Switch

LFER may have been known as a Hispanic or ethnic food and beverage company in the past, but they’ve made the switch to focusing on healthier products that offer consumers an alternative to the sugar-laden beverages and snacks that dominate the shelves today. The company is dedicated to finding the tastiest varieties of beverages and snacks that will make health-conscious consumers sit up and take notice. Many of the foods that are marketed as healthy unfortunately fail to meet the nutritional standards that most people should be getting. An average protein bar may be excellent at giving a consumer the energy to make it through the last few hours of work – until they have a sugar crash at the end of the day. LFER makes functional snacks and drinks that burn slower and last longer.

The Benefits of Hemp

There has been a growing demand for cannabis and hemp-based products, as the formerly controversial plant, becomes more accepted in society. But LFER is not a marijuana business and they never have been. The company’s staff, leadership, and marketing materials all reflect that LFER offers hemp products because it’s a healthier and noticeable way to approach a saturated industry. The benefits of hemp are not only proven (and legal), they’re also in high demand in certain geographic locations throughout the US. They’ve already found a solid clientele in California and plan to make New York their next target location. Every product they sell is legal in all 50 states, and there are no future plans to change this fact. LFER follows federal laws – not state laws- and would never do anything to jeopardize the future of their business. Their ultimate hopes are to be listed on a higher exchange. They understand just how pivotal it is for them to stay inside the lines to accomplish this goal.

What Else

LFER was formerly known as Hispanic International Delights of America, Inc., but along with their name change came a shift in attitudes and management. Bringing on new people who are well-versed in the industry, including experienced leaders in the cannabis space, ensures that they can keep their products in line with what the consumer has come to expect and crave. They have tightened up the organization of their business so there is a more streamlined approach to solving logistical problems. The CEO of LFER, Fernando Oswaldo Leonzo, has made it clear that he is open to potential partners who can help strengthen their products, branding, and marketing.

Looking Ahead

While LFER may not have any plans to be a part of the controversial side of the cannabis industry that doesn’t mean they are not open to improving their products lines. Their plan is to continue attracting more consumers who are interested in smart beverages and snacks that can help keep illness at bay. The company is open to new opportunities, so long as those new opportunities meet their current company standards. The company may have been primarily known for their ethnic beverages and treats in the past, but the pivot officially began February 20, 2018. A new name, a new ticker symbol, and a new philosophy symbolizes their transition from one focus to the next. They are not marketing their products toward specific ethnic groups, but toward anyone who wants great-tasting food and drinks that also happen to be good for them.

As the health food industry continues to climb in profits, LFER is prepared to capitalize on this momentum and with that addition of hemp-based products, that is busy sweeping the nation, the company can look forward to growing even faster. The company is committed to marketing and distributing great-tasting products that can meet the public’s ever-growing demands for better alternatives and smarter options.

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