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Where gaming amateurs become pros

Good Gaming Inc. is an esports company providing multiple services including tournament hosting, esports venues, and content aggregation.

We focus on these services and are working on finding our niche so we can develop into a complete esports company. We are determined to become the “go-to” place where gamers can learn what is currently happening in the esports world, participate in events, and be apart of the tournaments we host! In addition we also have a Minecraft server that is top-tier ranked.

Good Gaming, Inc. is a leading tournament gaming platform and online destination targeting the over 250 million amateur eSports players worldwide that want to compete at the high school or college level.

Focus on promotion of teams, leagues, and competition.

Esport Venues
National accessibility for players to attend social esport events.

Content Aggregation
Gather and capture digital content about the esport gaming community.

Grow our Minecraft server into a way to contribute to positive cash flow.

Market Info

Market Cap: 329,196 05/09/2018

Authorized Shares: 100,000,000 03/12/2018

Outstanding Shares: 23,683,195 03/12/2018

Float: 8,041,395 02/16/2018

Shareholders of Record: 50 04/02/2018

Short Interest: 1 (-99.98%) 04/13/2018

Transfer Agent: Action Stock Transfer Corporation

Key Executives

David Britton Dorwart – CEO

Eric Brown – COO

Domenic Fontana – CFO

Good Gaming, Inc.
415 McFarlan Road
Suite 108
Kennett Square, PA 19348

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