How VGTL Is Planning to Shake-Up the Dallas Nightlife Scene


VGTel Inc. (OTC VGTL) is an investment company currently focused on the entertainment industry, and its leaders have been making some notable moves in the past few months. VGTL has first and foremost partnered with an entertainment and production company called Into the Night Management Group (INMG). INMG has been responsible for some of the largest and most successful changes to the Dallas nightlife scene, and VGTL will use INMG’s experience to help them spot emerging trends in the nightlife scene and the right players to invest in.

It was through their relationship with the leaders at INMG that they were able to draft a Letter of Intent to acquire a Dallas venue called Don’t Tell Supper Club, LLC — also known as the #1 Hottest New Restaurant according to the Zagat Survey. Learn more about how the CEO of INMG, Avi Adri, will be helping VGTL establish their mission and branch out for the benefit of their shareholders.

Securing the Expertise

Adri moved to the Dallas area when he was a young boy, and it wasn’t long before he became involved in the nightlife industry. Starting as a promoter, he managed to work his way up to the CEO of his own company. Along the way, he designed concepts for bars, built nightclubs, and made major strides to innovate the industry.

In fact, the biggest hotspots in the Dallas area are those under his umbrella, hosting the celebrities of the Dallas/Ft. Worth area alongside other notable names who happen to be passing through the area. He brings all of his expertise and vision to VGTL, giving VGTL the advice and direction they need to start making waves in the hospitality and nightlife sector.

To that end, Adri’s concept restaurant Don’t Tell Supper Club, LLC is exactly the type of venue that fits into the mission of VGTL. This 10,000 square foot space is actually two stories, and it’s the perfect place for anyone looking for a night on the town. Far from just a place to eat a 5-star meal and enjoy a few cocktails, Adri wanted the club to have a dramatic flair that guests wouldn’t soon forget. With its mix of entertainers and exciting decor, the supper club converts into an interactive nightclub as the night rolls on and the dinner plates have been washed and put away.

Many people, including major news sources, have reported that the traditional nightclubs are dying around the country. However, this supper club concept may be exactly what the country needs to discover a new way to enjoy oneself on a night out. The goal is to expand the concept from coast-to-coast, giving the people of other major cities the chance to enjoy something a little different, a little daring, and a lot more fun.

Making a Splash

The Don’t Tell Supper Club opened in July of 2017 and posted gross sales of close to $3 million in its first year. Part of what made the club so successful is its mysterious flavor. Instead of relying on showy advertising, Adri lets customers spread the word about what happens inside the brick walls. It’s his instinct that has led to the club’s incredible success, and one that VGTL can use to their advantage. When acumen meets capital, the growth of both companies is truly unlimited. The CFO of VGTL is excited to have Adri onboard, as their business model expands to include more additional revenue sources.

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