Insights from the Dalrada Financial IR Team

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Different type of video today. We’re not bringing in a guest or breaking down a news, we’re chatting together. It’s Stuart and Kevin from SmallCapVoice chatting about our client, Dalrada Financial Corporation.

They’ve made a lot of moves with their heatpumps, healthcare, and other aspects of the company and we’re breaking down as much as we can. For instance, did you know their Subsidiary Generfic is bringing in 80% of the company’s revenues AND just announced a competitive alternative to Ozempic, the weight loss drug even Oprah is talking about.

The latest news talks about them acquiring an Infusion Pharmacy. The whole pharmacy business was shaken up years ago when CVS purchased the in-store pharmacies at Target, but outside of standard prescription drugs, where do Specialty and Infusion Pharmacies fit in?

We’ve seen the rise of Hims, Her’s, and Ro. Is Genefic Next? And what does that mean for OTCQB: DFCO shareholders?