SusGlobal Energy Corp. CEO Discusses Revenue Strategies & Green Initiatives in Audio Interview with

Austin, TX (Feb. 9th, 2021) — (“SCV”) today announces the availability of a new interview with SusGlobal Energy Corp. (OTCQB: SNRG) (“SNRG” or “the Company”) CEO Marc Hazout, who discusses the Company’s waste management solutions and the significance of its innovations to global climate change initiatives.

As Leaders in a Circular Economy®, SNRG develops technologies that enable and promote a circular cycle (use-reuse) to replace the environmentally damaging linear (use-discard) approach used by many consumers, businesses and municipalities. To this accord, SNRG processes municipal organic waste streams into regenerative products such as dry compost and liquid fertilizer.

The Company’s near-term growth strategies include the commercialization of its proprietary pathogen-free organic fertilizer; uplisting to the Nasdaq exchange; and the addition of a second processing facility to allow for processing an aggregate 185,000 metric tons of waste per annum.

Speaking with SCV’s Stuart Smith, Hazout explains how these milestones feed into multiple revenue streams built into the Company’s business model.

“The numbers start growing exponentially,” says Hazout. “It’s a sustainable solution, and certainly during these times where everyone is concerned about climate change, we divert the organic waste streams from landfills and we reduce greenhouse gas emissions – all this as part of our circular economy model. As a result, we’re maximizing shareholder value.”