Xcelerate, Inc. (OTC Pink: XCRT)

Listen to the new SmallCapVoice interview featuring Michael O'Shea CEO of Xcelerate, Inc, (OTC PINK: XCRT)

SmallCapVoice.com Inc. (“SCV”) announces the availability of a new interview with Michael O’Shea, CEO of Xcelerate, Inc. (OTC Pink: XCRT), to discuss how the Company is utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies to deliver healthcare to remote areas of Africa.

Xcelerate is an innovation and development company that marries non-medical engineering, advancements and systems with MedTech and clinical care within the healthcare industry. Speaking with SCV’s Stuart Smith, O’Shea explains Xcelerate’s plan to use AI to give the people of Tanzania, Africa, greater access to physicians and medical care.

“The software-based system was originally developed by the folks that develop the AI for self-driving cars and we’ve applied that to a medical use in an essence. This program allows people in remote areas to reach healthcare professionals by the use of any mobile device. It then builds a database on these people. Facial recognition, if they’re a returning patient, allows them to input basic triage information and give the physician a head start on being able to treat the patient prescribed medications,” he says. “We expect that we’ll have a beta site for the project launched by end of second quarter and expect to be generating revenues before the end of this year. Additionally, we’re filing one patent, hopefully in the next week and three others to follow all based on our initial license, but to be used in surgical instruments and retrofitting them to existing surgical, surgical wounds.”

The interview also highlights the unique expertise of the Xcelerate team, along with several corporate milestones that are moving the Company toward uplisting to the OTCQB and reaching other corporate objectives.

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