6-1-2021 SmallCapVoice Interview with Tego Cyber (OTC.QB: TGCB)

Tego Cyber Inc. talks with SmallCapVoice.com
 Tego Cyber Inc. Discusses its Solution to Mounting Cybersecurity Threats in Audio Interview with SmallCapVoice.com

AUSTIN, Texas (June 1, 2021) — SmallCapVoice.com Inc. (“SCV”) announces the availability of a new interview with Shannon Wilkinson, co-founder and CEO of Tego Cyber Inc. (OTCQB: TGCB), to discuss how the Company’s cyber threat intelligence application captures exponential growth opportunity within the $170 billion global cyber security market.

Tego’s innovative intelligence platform reduces risk, prevents cyber-attacks, and protects intellectual property and data. Given the heightened frequency and severity of security breaches in recent years, Tego addresses a market hungry for proactive solutions that stay ahead of criminal attacks.

Speaking with SCV’s Stuart Smith, Wilkinson described the tactical history of Tego and how its corporate structure enables the Company to advance its platform and deliver scalable solutions.

“We’re really filling the gap and ending some of the frustrations that are out there for cyber intelligence,” she stated. “We purpose-built the company to go public from the very get-go in order to help fund research and development of our platform through getting friends and family involved in the company.”

According to Accenture, the average cost of a malware attack on a company is $2.6 million. Dismal to this statistic is that it typically takes organizations 206 days to realize they’re even under attack. In the interview, Wilkinson offered a deeper dive into the magnitude of cybercrime in modern business.

“It’s staggering, and of course through the pandemic we’ve seen an exponential rise in cybercrime,” she stated, referring to a report that cybercrime has increased 300% since the start of the COVID pandemic.

For Tego, this creates a wealth of opportunity in the emerging cyber threat intelligence market, which is growing at twice the rate of the overall cybersecurity market, Wilkinson noted.

The Tego Threat Intelligence Platform (TTIP) collects disparate, vetted threat data from different sources and utilizes a proprietary process to compile, analyze and deliver data to an enterprise in a timely, informative and relevant manner. The first version of the platform will integrate with the widely accepted SPLUNK platform while future versions will incorporate with other established SIEM systems and platforms such as Elastic, IBM QRadar, AT&T Cybersecurity, Exabeam and LogRhythm.

What makes the TTIP especially unique is that it provides specific details – the who, what, when and where – to quickly identify and enable appropriate action against the threat.

“We take the very important step of adding context and adding additional information that security operations teams need,” said Wilkinson. “That’s something that’s missing from a lot of threat intelligence platforms, is that context, the information that the special operations teams need when an incident occurs.”

The CEO then explained how Tego integrates into an enterprise’s existing platform to increase efficiency and the return-on-investment of the cybersecurity tools the enterprise currently uses, and then discussed the Company’s scalability and experience of the main drivers of its leadership team.

“Technology within a company is great, but without a good management team behind it, the company will struggle,” she said. “That’s one of the reasons why at Tego we decided that we needed to have a strong management team with a good network and a lot of experience in the industry.”

The interview also highlighted Tego’s accelerated path toward revenue and profitability – with licensing tagged at $75,000 per license per year – as well as its ability to build a sustainable and scalable business model.

“One of the nice things is that we’re not having to go out and create a customer base, but we’re building on top of existing customer bases,” Wilkinson told Smith. “That makes our sales and marketing strategy a little bit easier than going out and custom building a customer base from scratch.”

Wilkinson concluded the interview by explaining how Tego, as a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (Saas) provider, enjoys high gross profit margins. The Company also boasts a low share count held by friendly investors; a highly efficient management team; and an enviable position as a prime acquisition target for cybersecurity and technology companies.

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