KULR Technology Group, Inc. Shares Catch Fire

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One of the best kept secrets on Wall Street is gaining attention thanks to a growing number of investors thinking outside the box. Manufacturers of electric vehicles (EV) and smart phones have long enjoyed much ado in the public markets, while little notice is given to the innovators that make those products safe. As smart technology becomes more readily available, applicable and affordable, however, that limited visibility is starting to change. Savvy investors who noticed headlines announcing battery fires in products made by Tesla, FedEx and UPS are beginning to look beyond obvious investing opportunities to find the lesser-known stocks that provide a solution to those hazards. 

According to Business Insider, data released by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reveals a startling fact: since 2017, lithium battery incidents involving smoke, fire, extreme heat or explosions on planes or in airports occur an average of once every eight days. The risk to human life and material assets is astounding. It is essential to provide safety solutions that can prevent future incidents as society continues its rapid adoption of rechargeable batteries.   

Risk of explosion and fire also exists on the street. The Washington Post published a high-profile article with the jarring headline:  A Tesla Model S erupted ‘like a flamethrower’ – renewed old safety concerns about the trailblazing sedans, which has keen investors scouring the streets for opportunity that may rise from the ashes. What they’ll find is an innovative tech company whose battery safety technology was aboard the Mars Rover and has since made its way onto mainstream EVs and cell phones. The company also recently announced it will supply NASA with safe storage solutions for the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 hybrid notebook computers used aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

KULR Technology Group, Inc. (NYSE : KULR) develops, manufactures, and licenses next-generation carbon fiber thermal management technologies for batteries and electronic systems. The company’s space-proven solutions for electronics and lithium-ion batteries serve the world of electric transportation, energy storage, battery safety, 5G infrastructure, cloud computing, aerospace and defense applications. 

At the time of publish in the last week of 2020, shares of KULR are surging up over 60% on record volume. The secret is getting out.

KULR’s reputation as an authority on battery safety is supported by its work with the United Nations and the U.S. Department of Defense; its partnership with Hazmat Safety Consulting (“Hazmat”), an organization with over 60 years of combined experience in developing, influencing and interpreting lithium battery safety regulations for the safe transport of lithium batteries; and its membership with the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (“OPEI”), which demonstrates the company’s commitment to the safe design and manufacturing of lithium batteries. The company has also secured a partnership with Drako Motors, in which the Drako GTE electric supercar will integrate KULR’s FTI Thermal Interface Material within its thermal management system.

The list of validations for KULR – which includes heavy hitters like NASA, the U.S. Navy and Army, Airbus – can be found at https://kulrtechnology.com/

It wouldn’t be a surprise to see this list continue to grow with the broader battery market. The previously mentioned Business Insider article notes, “Recently, the Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that KULR’s design solutions can stop fires and explosions in lithium-ion battery packs and provides additional insights on the future of safe battery technology. In fact, the worldwide lithium-ion battery market will exceed $100 billion by 2024, growing at an 18% CAGR.”

This market growth provides KULR opportunity to engage in compliance and safety within the EV sector for companies like Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA), Arcimoto (NASDAQ: FUV), Nio (NYSE:NIO), and General Electric (NYSE:GE), among others.

With yet another major fire incident making international headlines with Tesla, could a partnership with KULR be on the horizon in 2021? To date, there has not been any public word confirming the possibility, but it does seem plausible considering the potential impact of KULR’s space-proven technology and Tesla’s need for it. 

KULR warrants being added to your watchlist today.

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