MedX Holdings Defines Strategy to Capitalize on Pharmaceutical Opportunities

MedX Holdings Inc. (MEDH) has made some major advances in recent months, adapting the company to maximize its potential and meet obligations to investors. Along this strategy, company leaders are making creative moves to capitalize on assets, bring in new business, and redirect the company’s focus into a new market. See how MedX’s real estate holdings and acquisitions add up to an exciting future for the company.

The Big News

MedX CEO Mark Miller is adamant about making choices that maximize returns for the company. Because real estate is among his specialties, Miller has led the company through several bold moves to increase its holdings in the market. By focusing on custom homes, general construction and rental properties, the company has made investments in all the right places. At other times, however, the right choice can also mean divestiture.

MedX recently sold its residential real estate property after receiving an exceptionally tempting offer from a hedge fund. The purchase netted the company $5.5 million, which it allocated to significantly reduce old debt, enabling it to suspend fundraising efforts. The deal also allows MedX to retain control of its commercial parcels and raw lands, while the hedge fund assumes control only of the residential parcels.

A New Acquisition

MedX has dipped its toes into a wide variety of ventures, and now management is ready to shift gears to the pharmaceutical industry. The company has acquired BioHydro LLC, a pharmaceutical-grade water company vetted and verified for its purity. Using brown sugar sand to filter the water, BioHydro has eliminated the need for its operating wells to reach deep into the ground. The retrieved water is ideal for a number of uses and its versatility has proved profitable. The demand for this caliber of water is huge, heightened by today’s standard of cleanliness and purity.

Recognizing opportunity within this market, MedX will target 2 trillion gallons of this water spread over 163-acre parcels and begin to market to biological and pharmaceutical organizations ranging from hospitals to community infusions. The going rate for this type of water can reach $66 a gallon or more, and MedX management is currently evaluating a price of $22 per unit.

Next Steps

This acquisition will be overseen and managed by an expert with more than 30 years of experience in complicated transactions. MedX will post the progress of the acquisition on Twitter so shareholders and the general public can follow the transition. Due diligence of the company, coupled with its transparency, is setting this company up for a substantial increase in revenue.

MedX is also re-evaluating its portfolio of real estate and construction subsidiaries to become an indispensable service provider in the pharmaceutical industry. While real estate and construction subsidiaries have balanced out the company portfolio, the reality is that MedX wants to support endeavors that both maximize revenue and serve the company’s original goals.

New Management

Historically, Miller has applied his background in finance and real estate to increase MedX’s revenue. In coming weeks, he will allow new management to step in and use their expertise to move the company into the pharmaceutical industry. This incoming team will discern how to efficiently bring pharmaceutical-grade water to the organizations and communities that need it most. As leaders establish a strong presence, MedX will leverage its assets to shift to a more cohesive portfolio.

MedX has laid the groundwork for the future by acquiring and capitalizing on a number of real estate deals, company acquisitions, and subsidiary holdings. Its financial stability is undeniable as leaders map out their next moves. Now that management has decided to market pharmaceutical-grade water, the company can use its experience and flexibility to build its reputation in healthcare. With no pending dilution on the horizon and a suspension in fundraising, there’s never been a better time to follow MedX on its way to the top.

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