Meet Galaxy Next Generation: The New Game-Changer for Education

Galaxy Next Generation (OTCQB: GAXY) is quickly becoming one of the most promising manufacturers of private-label interactive touchscreen panels. These big-screen televisions are primarily used in the K – 12 learning space, but GAXY is making successful strides in branching out to all education markets. From hockey schools to prison training, GAXY products can be used for an impressively wide range of purposes.

The Value of Technology

For maximum engagement, many orators add to their lectures or presentations a visual component such as chalkboard, projector or prop. As older smartboard technology is replaced with modern interactive touchscreens, a niche is taking shape for manufacturers to step in and help presenters and their audiences get more from every session.

GAXY CEO Gary LeCroy is taking this opportunity to introduce new touchscreens into classrooms and lecture facilities, driving education to the next level. Ranging from 55″ to 98″ in size, GAXY’s touchscreen panels are a versatile addition to traditional and untraditional classroom settings.

Thinking Outside the Box

GAXY sales hit a lull during the school season when educators aren’t updating their equipment. To counter this seasonal trend, the company is deep diving into other markets where its products could be of use. From local government training to universities, touchscreen technology can be adapted for practically anything. Next month, the company will showcase its G2 products and their versatility at a major military tradeshow.

One of GAXY’s newest clients is a hockey school that uses the company’s screens to review plays for future strategy revisions. The company is also creating new software and firmware that will complement its core technology to encourage client spending long after they’ve purchased a touchscreen.

One of the most noteworthy happenings to GAXY has been its recent addition of the reseller AiOS Group. After its participation at the GAMEIS conference held in early July 2019, GAXY made a strong impression on the information technology powerhouse. GAXY’s leadership expects this partnership to be a steppingstone to more clients and stronger revenue.

Ongoing Revenue

GAXY’s sales are primarily dependent upon the K – 12 market, accounting for close to 90% of company revenues. However, a bit of forward-thinking has the potential to expand its revenue generation.

After an educator makes a major purchase for new equipment, they’re unlikely to want to replace it soon thereafter. Smartboard technology became popular a little over a decade ago, meaning now is the time many educators would consider an upgrade. Though GAXY is ready to take care of these clients’ immediate needs, the company is also looking ahead.

Through the creation of additional firmware and software, GAXY and its resellers can continue marketing products to previous clients, regardless of the time of year. It can also forge new paths for educators who may want to add-on to their educational tools rather than replace their equipment entirely. As we start winding down 2019, we’ll start to see these new products being introduced as a part of the GAXY line.

Changing with the Times

GAXY started in the 1970s and has since remained family operated. During its formative years, the company primarily resold educational technology (e.g., calculators, typewriters, etc.) in the state of Georgia. However, CEO Gary LeCroy wanted to do more with the business. Today, the company has 32 resellers throughout the entire U.S. and in Canada. LeCroy has expanded the management team to include CFO/COO Magen McGahee and others who have worked in this space for many years. Their expertise is exactly what the company needs to start building out the product line for the rest of 2019 and beyond.

GAXY has only been on the public market since June 2018, but management sees an uplisting to NASDAQ sooner rather than later. To that end, the company has formally engaged with Maxim Group LLC to raise capital the company needs to leverage its momentum and build on its prior success. McGahee stated that the relationship has been nothing but beneficial thus far, and that everyone is excited to see what Maxim can do for the company in the next quarter. Considering this market is growing year after year, the future looks incredibly bright for GAXY.

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