Music of Your Life, Inc. (Pink Sheets: MYLI)

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Music of Your Life, the nation’s longest-running, nationally syndicated music radio program featuring “Adult Standards,” broadcast nationwide and internationally to a worldwide audience on the Internet, and The Marquie Group, led by former Director, Worldwide Training and Education for Herbalife International, Jacquie Carter, is a direct-to-consumer health and beauty products platform with a pipeline of innovative solutions to pervasive wellness concerns: anxiety, anti-aging, low-energy, sleeplessness, and stress that use advanced formulations of plant-based, amino-acid and CBD alternatives to chemical ingredients.

Ms. Carter has traveled to more than 90-countries educating people on the benefits of proper skin care, while simultaneously launching 60 beauty products worldwide, which have generated more than a billion dollars in sales during her two-decade tenure with the company.

Products planned for early 2019 launch include CBD-infused beauty masks, invigorating facial serums, and three beauty drinks, each with unique, skin and complexion enhancing properties.

Market Info

Market Cap: 3,290,901 11/29/2018

Outstanding Shares: 47,012,865 10/16/2018

Shareholders of Record: 2,254 09/13/2018

Short Interest: 318 (100%) 09/14/2018

Transfer Agent: Pacific Stock Transfer Co.

Key Executives

Marc Angell – CEO

Music of Your Life, Inc.
3225 McLeod Drive
Suite 100
Las Vegas, NV 89121

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