New Technology, New Vision, New Focus: What Sets Vemanti Apart

Vemanti (Pink Sheets: VMNT) is a public company that was founded on looking toward the future of technology, which is why we’ve set our sights on investments in the blockchain technology space. With a number of projects already underway, it’s an exciting time to be getting in on the ground floor of this game-changing innovation. Learn more about how we’re shaking up the status quo and what makes us different from our competitors.

Why the Blockchain?

The blockchain technology is the driving force behind famous cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. This distributed ledger keeps a record of every transaction and it’s practically eliminated the chances of fraud or human error. While digital currency may spark a controversial response depending on who’s doing the talking, the blockchain has been universally praised by everyone from government officials to CEOs of big banks. Vemanti saw the potential of the blockchain long before virtual currency started making headlines, but we only recently decided to concentrate our efforts in this field.

What Are Our Markets?

The blockchain can be used for everything from paying parking fines to documenting family trees, but Vemanti has chosen to concentrate on the following markets:

FinTech: Financial technology is extremely in demand right now as more people expect the option to organize their assets online. Banks often operate on legacy systems that were designed many years ago, which can make it difficult to switch to a more modern system. This not only frustrates the average account holder, it can also make financial institutions a target for opportunistic criminals. The blockchain can change this, allowing the average consumer to have the financial services they want without having to shoulder the risk.

E-Commerce: Both consumers and businesses today love to shop or order supplies online, but they also know the threat of fraud is very real. It may seem as though unauthorized charges are covered by the credit card companies, but in truth, everyone pays for fraud one way or another. The blockchain gives consumers and businesses a way to have fast, easy, and secure transactions. Whether a housewife is selling her old clothes, or a business is ordering 300 iPads for their sales associates, Vemanti knows that this new technology is the key to facilitating the many e-commerce transactions that take place.

Why We Are Different?

The market is in a precarious spot right now. As the price of digital currencies rises, so too does public and private interest. With so many people jumping in without looking, it can make for a confusing landscape. But Vemanti understands the path forward, and we know exactly how to deliver the profits investors need to see.

Vemanti is post-revenue generation and cash-flow positive, unlike many other public companies. And right now, we’re exceptionally undervalued in the market. We have the expertise and the passion behind us when it comes to the current state of technology. Our leaders were working in the industry long before Vemanti even got its start. Everyone understands how important it is to make sound decisions that create high rewards.

Vemanti understands how important it is to make smart moves that address where technology is headed. Similar to an innovative car maker concentrating its efforts solely on electric cars, we’re choosing to allocate our resources in a way that will keep our company successful in the long-run. Our developers thoroughly understand blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, which gives us the advantage of being able to have our own ICO. With the average returns for ICOs at 1,320% in 2017 alone, we have a strong game plan as to how we can be a part of this revolution.

The popularity of the blockchain and virtual currency has brought a lot of new players to the table, and we know many of our competitors have little understanding of how the technology works. In fact, the only strategy they may have is to change their name and focus in the hopes they hit the jackpot. Most of them have zero tech experience and zero insight into how the current market is really functioning. Because many people are only flocking to cryptocurrencies due to their drastic price spike, some of our competitors are hoping to take advantage of the unsuspecting newcomers. The reality is that many of the ‘professionals’ are just as clueless about the possibility of this technology.

Vemanti already has projects in the works that we’re hoping to perfect before announcing them in 2018, and we’re fully prepared to play the long game. Unlike other public companies like who have few resources and a weak management team, we have the financial and technical background to grow next year and beyond. While plenty of companies in this space are doing well in terms of creating a blockchain-focused appearance, investors will demand real results as the market becomes more mature. Companies that can’t delivered after the initial hype will be pushed aside. Vemanti will still be going strong long after the smoke has cleared.


About the Author

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