NightFood, Inc.: Pioneering the Lucrative Late-Night Snacking Market

It’s not front-page news that Americans love to snack. With the inordinate amount of money spent on all snaking, you might not realize that Americans spend about $1 billion per week on nighttime snack foods. While the entire population tends to creep into the kitchen well past supper time, the biggest demographic of late-night snackers is the coveted 18 – 34 age group. When 44% of all snacking is done between dinner and bedtime, it was only a matter of time before a company stepped in to address this matter.

NightFood (OTC: NGTF) saw an opportunity to make it easier for people to make better, healthier choices when it comes to all those late-night snacks. Now they’re launching a line of ice cream into the white-hot “better-for-you” ice cream market. Learn more about how they’re poised to tackle this extremely lucrative segment.

Ice Cream Is the Game Changer

With NightFood making a name for itself with its current line of delicious NightFood bars, the Company knows is the time to start educating people about what it really means to have sleep-ready foods in our cupboards and freezers. Sleep expert Dr. Michael Breus is on NightFood’s side to help raise awareness among the public. When millions of Americans suffer from occasional or chronic insomnia, the last thing they need is an unhealthy snack that may keep them awake. Now, like the NightFood bars, the innovative ice cream is also particularly designed to give everyone what they want without the guilt or the restless sleep we may be used to after a satisfying snack session.

On the Rise

Right now, the NGTF is not only the leader in smart snacking before bed, but no other company focuses on this specific problem. This gives them a massive competitive edge to own an untapped, sleep-deprived market. The market research group Mintel called nighttime specific snacks one of the most compelling trends in 2017 because it truly is a missed opportunity for so many food and beverage companies. And with the world-class team they’re assembling, NGTF isn’t leaving their future to chance.

Meet the Team

CEO Sean Folkson knew he had a brilliant idea when he couldn’t seem to find a snack that could satisfy his late-night cravings without packing on the pounds or keeping him awake for hours. When getting ready to launch nighttime ice cream, he could think of no better choice to lead the charge than Jim Christensen, former VP of Ice Cream Sale at Unilever. From Klondike to Breyers to Ben & Jerry’s, Christensen knows a thing or two about how to sell and distribute different types of ice cream. His experience and connections point to big revenue in the next 6 – 18 months, and his dedication to NGTF is exactly what they need to take their company to the next level.

How Our Minds Work

When a person first wakes up in the morning, they’re refreshed and ready to take on the day. Decisions like what to wear and what route to take on the way to work aren’t difficult to make because the brain has just received the rest it needs to function. But as the day wears on, our brains are taxed with everything from informational overload to general stress. Suddenly even the simplest decisions seem impossible. It’s no wonder we start relying on instinct when it comes to what we eat.

Just What We Need

So, if you’re reaching for egg whites at 7 a.m., you’re probably reaching for donuts by 11 p.m. It doesn’t help that our appetites tend to peak at night, which may explain why you find yourself reaching for chips when you’ve already had dinner (and dessert.) That’s why NGTF is in the right time at the right place to start shifting attitudes about what late-night snacking can really be – without sacrificing taste.

Acquisition Forecast

Investors who are nervous about the big brand names swooping in to make NGTF a thing of the past may want to rethink their apprehension. Yogurt giant Dannon couldn’t eliminate market competitors such as Chobani, and the success of Chobani taught the snack food industry a very valuable lesson – it’s better to acquire than compete. NightFood is a category creator, and not a niche category at that. Historically, category creators spark tremendous interest during acquisitions, inspiring multiple bids at eyebrow-raising prices. This should reassure investors that NGTF will be bought by a strategic buyer based on their potential, and not simply at some small multiple of revenue or EBITDA.

NGTF is promising for more reasons than one, and they know how pivotal these next few months will be for their success. It looks to this reporter like they have all the building blocks they need to make a big splash in a huge market.

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