OPTEC International Launches Heavy Duty Trucking Division

CARLSBAD, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 27, 2018 / OPTEC International, Inc., (OTCQB: OPTI) today announced the Company has launched the Fleet & Heavy-Duty Trucking Division Fuel Maximizer Technology.

OPTEC International, Inc. the exclusive worldwide distributor of the OPTEC Fuel Maximizer, has now launched its Fleet and Heavy-Duty trucking division. The OPTEC Fuel Maximizer is an advanced hydrogen fuel cell technology that dramatically reduces emissions, enhances vehicle performance and throttle response, and maximizes mpg potential. The on-demand technology is designed for modern, computer-controlled gasoline and diesel engines and works on almost all internal combustion engines.

Third party testing has revealed fuel savings anywhere from 5-10% for Heavy Duty Trucks, Transportation Refrigeration Units, generators, and off-road equipment. Tests have shown an average of 10-20% fuel savings for passenger vehicles depending on the year, make and model. To support performance claims and product safety, OPTEC has gone through rigorous third-party, controlled environment testing at California Environmental Engineering, CERT UC Riverside, Mesilla Valley Transportation Solutions, Olson-Ecologic, UL, SAE J1321 testing and has obtained a CARB Executive Order Exemption for various engines.

The OPTEC Fuel Maximizer currently is 49 state legal for Heavy Duty Trucks. However, the new fleet division launch comes at an exciting time as we await pending emission testing results for a CARB Executive Order Exemption for the legal sale in California of the OPTEC Technology for these engines. Upon favorable results, we expect the OPTEC Fuel Maximizer to be available in California to all 2010-2018 Heavy Duty Trucks by the end of next month. OPTEC is also further testing with Mesilla Valley Transportation Solutions this month to expand our fuel savings certification to cover the Heavy-Duty Diesel Trucks.

It has been important to us as a company to make research and development a priority and take the extra steps to provide the data on the OPTEC technology’s capabilities. With tightening emission standards and a demand to save on fuel costs rising, we feel the OPTEC Fuel Maximizer is a solution for fleets to meet these demands.

The announcement is published as an introduction to the Logistics industry in the current edition of Transport Topics, a leading magazine in the transportation industry on page A9.


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