Progressive Care Quarterly Investor Call March 2020

Progressive Care, Inc. (RXMD)

Progressive Care (RXMD) 2019 Annual Report Earnings Call and Business Update with Shital Mars, CEO. Ms. Mars called, Inc. in to discuss the posted record-breaking data, which was defined by sequential quarterly improvement throughout the year in all major financial performance metrics, including EBITDA profitability in Q4 2019. In addition, the Company is pleased to report that this momentum has continued to define results so far in 2020, as the Company sees market share gains based on its established leadership position in-home delivery and disease prevention protocols which have become a critical competitive advantage due to concerns over the spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (“COVID-19”).

S. Parikh Mars, CEO of Progressive Care, commented, “2019 was an extraordinary year for Progressive Care. We confronted difficult challenges and put together the most impressive stretch of performance in our history in response. Each quarter – each month – was better than the last and now defines a fresh context for 2020.”

Key 2019 Annual Report Highlights

Consolidated monthly gross sales across all locations for 2019 totaled $32.6 million, representing year-over-year growth of 58% compared to the twelve months ended 12/31/2018,
Total Gross Profit across all locations for 2019 totaled $7.97 million, representing year-over-year growth of 70% compared to the twelve months ended 12/31/2018,
EBITDA for Q4 2019 turned positive, at $300,904,
2019 was characterized by four consecutive quarters of declining overall net losses.

Management believes that Progressive Care is now leveraging a strong competitive advantage in its core pharmacy segment due to the COVID-19 crisis. The prescription drug prescriber community has quantifiable financial incentives driven and defined by the risk of patient infection rates. This is even more acute in the geographic area defining the Company’s primary operational footprint (Florida), where demographic variables confer a greater risk in COVID-19 patient outcomes due to age-related factors.

Progressive Care was the first mover in the space in terms of home delivery and disease prevention and management. Competitors in the space are behind the curve. The Company believes risk-based financial incentives at the clinic and prescriber level are actively translating into market share growth that should show up in Q1 and Q2 2020 financial data.

Mars continued, “It is paramount that our shareholders know we are uniquely well-positioned to thrive in the current tragic COVID-19 environment. We have been doing home delivery for 13 years and used our expertise in infectious disease to become one of the first to implement contactless protocols for the safety of our patients and staff. Our competitors are trying to cobble something together on the fly. At our pharmacies, free same-day and next day delivery are standard, remote health monitoring is standard, adherence coaching is standard, safe delivery is standard. We lead the way in best practices as more and more pharmacies look to adopt some form of our model in the short run. This is our bread and butter, and we already see very clear evidence of market share gains based on liability consideration in the prescriber channel as a result.”

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