RXMD Ready to Introduce Two-Way Video Platform Tele-Pharm Co.

Progressive Care Inc. (OTC.QB: RXMD) has made a lot of waves in the healthcare community because they’re taking a proactive approach in their patients’ health. Instead of waiting for emergencies to arise, they’re encouraging formal patient-pharmacist interaction in new and effective ways. When the provider takes an active interest in their patients, those patients are more likely to follow their treatment plan.

Now RXMD is raising the bar even further, facilitating communication at an even higher level. They’re introducing a new multi-platform way for patients to talk to a pharmacist face-to-face, right when they need them the most. Learn more about Tele-PharmCo, a proprietary software that connects patients with licensed pharmacists and pharmacy technicians via a secure two-way video platform.

Two-Way Video

The healthcare industry has been struggling for quite some time about how best to manage patient care. While the debate drags on, RXMD is busy implementing changes in their pharmacy by ensuring patients and their care providers have direct access to the information they need. A two-way video platform is a convenient way for patients to get the answers they need in real time. They can inquire about refills, update caregivers about the side effects they’re experiencing, and discuss future plans with one quick session.

Press and Presentations

As you might imagine, this announcement caused quite a stir in the industry, earning RXMD international media coverage in publications like Pharmacy Times and prompting a formal presentation of the platform at the Florida Telehealth Summit. CEO S. Parikh Mars is thrilled to show the audience just how game-changing this new technology really is. The difference between talking to a distant voice over the phone, a voice that may have little to no idea of a patient’s history, and seeing a trained, caring, and knowledgeable pharmacist is night and day.

Patient Progress

There are plenty of reasons why a patient may veer off their treatment plan. They may be confused about what, when, and how they’re supposed to take their medications. They may be exhausted from the side effects of the drug. By offering more personalized services to patients, RXMD is changing how patients interact with their healthcare providers. One can imagine the entire industry swiftly moving toward this new version of care. It not only promotes and improves patient compliance, but it’s also a profitable move to drive sales and increase customer retention.

Implementing the Technology

As of now, the Tele-PharmCo. software is in beta mode. It will be made available to customers on customized kiosks, as well as Apple iPads, and desktop platforms. In the ensuing months, the plan is to introduce the software en masse to the majority of mobile devices. At first, RXMD will be targeting senior living communities, as well as clinics, doctor’s offices, and long-term care facilities. RXMD will also be integrating their platform into their Discharge Rx program designed for those transitioning from the hospital. The Discharge Rx program has already shown success since its implementation in a Miami facility just a few months ago.

Because many of the patients the company is targeting have limited mobility, RXMD is confident the response will be particularly positive. There may be a variety of companies in the healthcare space today, but not many are making the bold moves that patients want to see. RXMD has carved out a strong niche for itself by giving patients more bang for their buck, and that niche is only getting bigger.

A New Website

RXMD has also been carefully building out their website for customers, adding more features to it to make each page that much more functional. Patients can use the website to answer many of their questions while also giving them practical options to get more specific information whenever they need it. Mars has seen just how impersonal patient interaction can be when it comes to day-to-day interactions. If patients and providers aren’t on the same page, it ultimately leads to a lot of wasted time and money from avoidable complications. Tele-Pharm Co. is just one move of many to end the inefficiency as we know it.

Making It Work

RXMD is at the precipice of creating a new order in pharmaceuticals. In addition to their two-way video platform, the company also offers smart pack packaging, free delivery, and custom compounding. When patients aren’t treated like cattle, they have a better chance of getting the medications they need from a team they can trust. It all leads to better patient outcomes and a far more efficient system. The two-way video service brings an even more personalized experience to the table, creating a stronger link between patient and provider.

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