Shining a Spotlight on Web Global Holdings: A Necessary Addition to the Fintech World

With up to 25 million people trading cryptocurrency on any given day, Web Global Holdings (OTC WEBB) has seen an opportunity to fill a gaping need in the fintech world. The company is quickly gearing up to be the major source of the cryptocurrency and blockchain news and updates that interested parties need. From the curious individual to the hard-core trader, WEBB is quickly developing content to suit everyone. Steve Slome and Lee Zuckerman elaborated on their business model, as well as why their company is in the perfect place at the perfect time to grow their popularity by leaps and bounds.

A Multi-Media Approach

WEBB has a variety of operating subsidiaries under their current umbrella. From traditional television to streaming services to specialized websites, they’re aiming to pull their resources together to educate an interested audience about the key forces behind the fintech world. If they can capture even 1 – 2 million of the 25 million people with an invested interest in crypto, they can quickly boost their revenue and attract more attention to the ongoing revolution. Whether their audience is interested solely in making money or truly believes in the power of cryptocurrency to change money as we know it, they can appeal to a variety of audiences through a combination of scripted television, articles, online videos, and reality T.V. productions.

OTT Channel: CryptoCake

CryptoCake is one of the largest subsidiaries of WEBB and currently a free over-the-top (OTT) channel that viewers can both download and stream. OTT channels currently have solid viewership numbers, but the projected growth is expected to explode by next year. Experts expect up to 330 million viewers by 2019, with an expected revenue growth from $1.6 billion to $6 billion. They expect streaming video-on-demand (SVOD) services to grow by 6.5%. Their channel is poised to fill a market niche for streaming content in the same way that Netflix did so many years ago.

With an interesting mix of hard financial data and fun entertainment videos, CryptoCake will appeal to a wide audience and give the public another reason to cut the cords of their current cable provider. And while WEBB is not entirely averse to partnering with traditional satellite TV conglomerates like DIRECTV, Spectrum or Dish. CryptoCake is just as interested in syndicating to platforms such as Netflix and Hulu. They already have reserved space on several main OTT platforms such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Roku, Chromecast and Twitch. Webb also plans to have a strong presence on their website, mobile apps, YouTube and Instagram.

Revenue Strategies

Social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook have been phasing out most of the information on the fintech world, leaving a hole in the financial advertising world. WEBB gives advertisers a place to push their products to an audience who is actively interested in the changing markets. As credit card hacks and debit card breaches continue to make the news, the blockchain gives people a way to keep their information and money safe. WEBB keeps people informed about everything that could affect the wider world of crypto, but they’re not directly affected by fluctuations in the actual value of the currency (like many other crypto businesses are).

Meet the Team

Both Slome and Zuckerman have decades worth of experience in the larger entertainment and financial world. Their diverse backgrounds give them the skills and connections they need to develop and broadcast content that really speaks to a modern audience. Both can see the bigger picture of where content is headed and why, making it easier for them to bend and flex as consumer expectations continue to do the same. Slome has a background in investment and marketing as well, giving him an edge on bringing the right content to specific segments and matching the right advertisers with the right audience.

What’s On TV?

When asked about the major milestones of their company, the first response was going public. Their two largest subsidiaries, CryptoCake Studios and Allocation Media Entertainment also continue to play a huge part in their overall plans and they can’t wait to grow out the services in the coming year. The company is already in talks to pre-sell their ads and they have a variety of interested guest stars and hosts who can’t wait to jump on board. They currently have 12 formats already in development, with the major format being general news regarding fintech.

When asked about the future of WEBB, the company is focused on launching their content, getting feedback, and unifying their branding. They’ve already trademarked their name and received a variety of positive responses from a number of key players in the industry. As they work toward their goals, they’ll continue to build out their channels to fit a variety of consumer needs.

About the Author

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