, Inc. Issues Update on APT Systems’ Verifundr Escrow and Payments Platform

While Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have had a rollercoaster of a ride leading into the summer of 2018, one thing is obvious: cryptocurrencies are here to stay. If you are a novice who is looking to get your feet wet in cryptocurrency investing – there may never be a better time going forward. If you’re a savvy young Company looking to make headway in a global marketplace, now is the time to step out.

One way to speed up your learning curve is to look at who is adept in your chosen profession, industry, sport, etc. As APT Systems, Inc. (OTC PINK: APTY), advances its business plans in the blockchain space along with their stable coin, SperaSM (SPR), and related coining interchange, they have partnered up only with teams demonstrating a proven track record. MLG Blockchain, their latest partnership, is a global development and consulting firm with offices in Toronto and New York.

MLG Blockchain has a global presence and is headquartered in Toronto with a distributed team across North America, Europe and Asia that is focused on building next generation applications using blockchain and smart contract technology. They have been engaged to expedite APTY’s learning curve in blockchain development and identifying further opportunities for their business and to help them to create a stable coin for today’s markets. MLG is a blockchain agnostic firm with expertise that covers all aspects of the ecosystem. MLG’s years of industry experience and international networking can accelerate APT Systems’ understanding and implementation of blockchain technology to stay competitive.

“As blockchain adoption continues to permeate across industries, more and more public companies get involved in the space. We are excited to see APT Systems get involved and are happy to help build their tech,” says Michael Gord, CEO of MLG Blockchain.

Glenda Dowie, CEO, said, “We see this is as a great opportunity to work with the experts at MLG Blockchain, who can help us to fully develop SperaSM (SPR), a stable coin, and a coining interchange in order to provide much needed trust and transparency in the cryptocurrency space.”

“By committing to build a financial ecosystem consisting of four platforms through separate subsidiaries (Verifundr, TyrTrade, ExCanna, Intuitrader), we effectively have placed the Company into multiple emerging markets within the blockchain space; and yet, each subsidiary is designed to manage and grow its own potential,” advised CEO, Glenda Dowie. “We are also very excited to explore stable coins as an Issuer and public reporting company.”

In Spring of 2018,, Inc. began educating its readers on APT Systems’ Verifundr Escrow and Payments Platform. It was mentioned then how ambitious the APTY agenda was and how qualified the team of professionals are they had assembled, highly experienced in both the financial and tech worlds.

Traditional banks operating on legacy systems can’t always keep up with an increasingly ‘less-cash’ society on the go. Some offer solutions that typically don’t have the capability to keep up with new privacy and security laws or disruptive fintech solutions being introduced on a near-daily basis. Verifundr is a way to offer the public a better option to increase marketplace trust while simultaneously speeding up the rate at which they can fund their transactions requiring a trusted third party. Members can deposit, hold, and distribute funds from escrow accounts no matter where they are in the US and without having to worry about the safety of the system.

APTY will continue to explore new ways to implement technology without sacrificing the user experience. By introducing new and effective Know Your Customer verification methods, APTY is laying the groundwork to create the inroads they need to tempt the public with their smarter financial tools. The power of the Blockchain doesn’t merely allow people to complete safer (and faster) transactions, it can potentially encourage the sharing of ideas. When parties can trust both the platform and its other members, the opportunities for collaboration are endless. As APTY prepares to launch four complimentary platforms, investors should take note of their mission, and a very measured response to ever-changing technology and consumer demands.

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