Surge Holdings Inc. Conference Call for January 8, 2020 (SURG)

Surge Holdings, Inc. (“Surge”) (the Company) (SURG), developer of the SurgePays™ Fintech Network for convenience stores, bodegas and community markets that provide products to the underbanked has conducted an investor conference call.

This is not an earnings call. This is not a projections call. This is simply a question and answer call direct with the CEO on the most commonly asked questions from 2019 and for 2020 – a chance to hear it direct from the top executive with the company.

“With Surge completing all of its milestone product launches in 2019, including the SurgePays™ Fintech Network, SurgePhone Wireless and SurgePays™ Reloadable Debit card, I look forward to discussing Surge’s ongoing product rollout and our plans for accelerated revenue growth in 2020,” stated Brian Cox, CEO. “Surge Holdings advanced significantly in 2019 and I want our shareholders, and anyone interested in SURG, to understand our rollout plans. In addition, I will discuss the significance of the recently acquired ECS, a leading provider of prepaid wireless services with connectivity to approximately 9,800 convenience stores and bodegas nationwide, and how it is a major catalyst for Surge Holdings future growth. I am looking forward to answering submitted questions, discussing the results for the year 2019, and where we are headed in 2020. We are redefining digital commerce for both independent retailers, regional distributors and the 35% of the population who are underbanked. This is a truly exciting time for SURG and our shareholders.”

About Surge Holdings, Inc:

Surge Holdings, Inc. owns subsidiaries with a focus on empowering the underbanked. The core subsidiary, SurgePays™, is a Fintech company that provides a virtual wholesale marketplace hub connecting regional manufacturers with over 10,000 independently owned retailers, as well as offers telecom services and financial services to the under-banked. Surge products are delivered through a nationwide network of convenience stores and corner markets connected to the SurgePays™ Network. ( This retail platform is designed to transform the traditional supply chain by providing local retailers seamless access to global products and to empower the corner store to select, order and fulfill delivery of wholesale goods from around the country. This platform also provides manufacturers a cost-effective and efficient platform to access point of sale retailers nationwide. For more information on Surge Holdings and its subsidiaries, please visit:, Inc. received $3,500 from the company on 12-6-19 for 30 days of service.

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