The Latest Addition To The Business Warrior Army

On June 9, 2022, Business Warrior Corp. (OTC PINK: BZWR) announced the acquisition of the global lending software company Alchemy Technologies.

In 2021, Alchemy generated total revenues of $2.8 million. The company announced previously that Alchemy was on track for “revenues to increase by 77% compared to 2021.” 

Adding that $5 million projected annual revenue from Alchemy to Business Warrior’s last fiscal year, the newly combined entity would have over $10 million in total annualized revenues in their 2022 fiscal year (BZWR fiscal year starts September 1, 2022).

Founded in 2014, Business Warrior launched as an innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company. Fast forward to today and Business Warrior Corp. boasts a full suite of next-generation, data-driven solutions for the organic marketing, advertising, and funding of small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) — especially those considered under-resourced and underfunded.

Alchemy Technologies is an industry leading embedded financing software company that 

powers FinTechs, merchants and banks with an end-to-end cloud native experience. Our award-winning lending software provides a full package of powerful software modules, including a digital customer onboarding process and a collection of real-time services such as underwriting, loan servicing, payment processing, customer/merchant communications and more.

The two organizations are accelerating integration plans in order to best support small, medium and enterprise businesses. New solutions are being created to better address the needs of these businesses, including solutions that provide software, marketing and fintech. Business Warrior acquired an award winning marketing agency (Helix House) in March of 2022 with plans underway for developing an Alchemy and Helix bundled solution in one monthly package.

In lieu of this announcement, both Jonathan Brooks, president of Business Warrior, and Timothy Li, founder and CEO of Alchemy, joined Stuart T. Smith of for a roundtable discussion surrounding this acquisition and what it means for the future of both companies.

In the discussion, Timothy Li explained his role as a distinguished expert in the FinTech industry and the new global head of technology at Business Warrior.

A Shared Vision

“Small businesses are faced with uncertainty every single day. It’s part of the DNA of entrepreneurship. I look at what’s happening – whether it’s the stock market, the supply chain issues, or the labor issues – all of these challenges are what business owners have been working and fighting through,” Brooks tells Smith.

“Business Warrior continues to reinforce our foundation of fighting for the small business owner, no matter the challenges or uncertainties. As a company, we’re constantly finding ways to improve our software and services to match the ebbs and flows of what small business ownership really means.”

Through their suite of software, marketing and lending solutions, Business Warrior has helped more than 25,000 SMBs fuel their business growth, expand their digital footprints, and engage with more customers.

The acquisition of Alchemy bolsters Business Warrior’s lending and fintech offerings while expanding its product line to meet the demand of small businesses globally.

In the interview, Li discusses how his career unfolded, launched Alchemy, and gained extensive insider knowledge to become a recognized expert in the FinTech industry. He goes on to discuss the impact of his new role to the mission of both entities and how these technologies are a match made in heaven for SMBs who are ready for rapid growth.

“We have exactly the same mission as Business Warrior, that is doing whatever it takes to help businesses grow. That’s why we came together so well,” Li explains. “We’re super proud to band together with Business Warrior to help small businesses here in the United States.”

“We have clients in the UK, Australia, the Middle East, Latin America and North America,” Li points out, addressing the fact that it already has hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of end-to-end lending activities transacting on its platform.

What makes Alchemy unique is that by implementing third-party lenders and fintech solutions into its platform, it can provide existing clients with a plethora of funding and lending solutions, including loans and financing for:

  • Personal loans
  • Lines of Credit
  • Point-of-sale solutions and small business lending
  • Health and beauty financing
  • Construction, solar and home improvements
  • Skillset Financing

Between the addition of Alchemy Technologies and Business Warrior’s marketing and funding platforms, businesses will actually stand a chance against larger competitors in the market — and at a time when inflation is volatile, and interest rates are through the roof. It’s like a David vs. Goliath scenario, as small businesses now have the tools to take on the entire marketplace.

No Business Left Behind

Interest rates and inflation are not problems unique to small businesses. The “buy now, pay later” (BNPL) product will soon be launched to small businesses across the United States, making it much easier for business owners to offer more solutions to their customers who are maneuvering price increases and inflationary pressures.

This new BNPL service will take the pressure off of the small business owner, who is already struggling to keep up with the cost of operations, marketing, and advertising initiatives. Implementing the BNPL concept allows them to focus more on seeing their business succeed and weather the effects of the storm associated with the pending recession.

The two companies complement each other well. By combining forces, they can focus on developing premium marketing solutions and unique funding solutions that push their customers over the top and give them additional leverage to “win the market.” Business Warrior and their new solutions are built for a recession so they can capture market share and continue to grow.

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