The Marquie Group Steps Up Their Game with New Health and Beauty Line

The Marquie Group (OTC: MYLI), formerly known as Music of Your Life, Inc., recently announced plans to promote a new health and beauty line. After Music of Your Life, Inc., a radio syndicator, announced their acquisition of The Marquie Group, Inc. they began to utilize their listening audience as an online sales tool for The Marquie Group. The combined management team realized that their growing youthful audience would benefit from a line of products designed to provide real nourishment to the body, mind and soul. Their initial offerings are slated to appear early this year accompanied by a national campaign on both MYLI’s networks and other partner channels.

Steady Growth

The CEO of MYLI, Marc Angell, was determined to be flexible with his product when he first started to see the culture of radio change. While the music played on his syndication channels may have once skewed older, he noticed when the tides began to shift toward a younger audience. It was then that he saw an opportunity for MYLI to become more than just a place to listen to great music.

As his channels grew and diversified and the target demographics changed, he saw a way to use the company’s voice to sell health products. He looked for a line that would enhance his listeners’ well-being from the inside out (and vice versa). The addition of The Marquie Group was the precise partnership he needed to make it happen. The founder and president of The Marquie Group is a former Herbalife International executive, Jacquie Carter, and she has big plans for 2019.

A Breath of Fresh Air

The Marquie Group embraces the ingredients with proven experience to help our Inner Health and Outer Beauty. It’s why they developed a line of health products designed to fight the stress and toxins that we all encounter on an everyday basis. Every single product is loaded with antioxidant vitamins, amino acids, and plant-based alternatives to harsh chemicals necessary to boost immunity and improve inner and outer beauty.

Some of their products also contain CBD oil, a substance that has shown great promise to mitigate the negative effects of stress and anxiety. From stronger nails to more lustrous hair, the line has the power to nourish the consumer from every angle.

Carter has led the charge on this line, and her standards are some of the most stringent in the industry. She’s been all over the world in her 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, and she’s seen a thing or two. One thing she’s noticed is that other countries seem to have a better handle on how to regulate health and beauty products when it comes to consumer safety.

In the US, the FDA has a very short list of ingredients that are prohibited for use in both topical and ingestible products. Carter made an executive decision to conform her line to fit the standards of stricter countries who prioritize the sale of safe and effective products. Angell saw the validity in her products immediately, but he was also impressed with Carter’s branding as well. She knows exactly how to appeal to his cautious audience who want to protect themselves.

A National Challenge

As the statistics become more alarming, health is on everyone’s minds these days. The national conversation has steered toward how we can improve their well-being on both the inside and outside, and no one understands this more than Carter. After surviving two separate bouts with cancer, she has become increasingly aware of how the products we use affect our overall health.

The global functional food and drink industry is estimated to be worth $256 billion, and it’s growing every day. 52% of all consumers want products that will improve their overall well-being while 87% will purchase health products will boost their immunity. A full 55% believe that the right combination of food and drink can be as effective as any prescription drug. It’s a powerful belief that The Marquie Group can tap into.

The Marquie Group will be selling these products through their radio channels because they believe in the power of Carter’s products. The youth enhancing, topical skin care line, coupled with on the go beauty drinks, sees inner health and outer beauty as two sides of the same coin, drawing customers in and forcing them to take a more holistic approach to their bodies. This concept has extended far beyond just millennials today, we’re seeing its ripple effects into younger generations as well.

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