Through Highest Quality Product, Nass Valley Gateway Ltd. (NVG)

Through Highest Quality Product, Nass Valley Gateway Ltd. (NVG) Aims to Clean Up Littered CBD Landscape 

It is well-documented that CBD may naturally relieve pain, stress and anxiety, as well as strengthen bones and other systems. The issue with CBD-use for consumer health lies in what’s NOT well-known: which brands are really creating “clean” products.   

The cannabidiol (CBD) landscape is littered with products that are polluted with subpar additives and misleading promises. As a result, consumers reaching for hemp-based health products to improve their general wellbeing are often unaware of what they are buying. Groups like the Clean Label Project evaluate CBD products for heavy metals, pesticide residues and plasticizers linked to cancers or reproductive harm, as these industrial and environmental contaminants and chemicals of concern have no place in health and fitness products. 

Nass Valley Gateway Ltd. (NVG) (CSE: NVG.CN) (OTC: NSVGF) (Frankfurt: 3NVN) also recognizes these pitfalls in the CBD market, and aggressively executes partnerships and vertical integration that focus on the cultivation, extraction and sales of organic, non-GMO, all-natural seed, CBD products for pet and human consumption. 

Marketing and distributing its THC-free, broad and full spectrum CBD consumables as “The only true non-GMO product,” NVG sources from natural seed only, and uses organic, safe and efficient practices to maintain product integrity through the full lifecycle of its creation. The company believes that this sets it apart from the competition.  

Partnerships are key to NVG’s business model and the availability of its products. The company was originally formed through a merger with Advanced Bioceuticals Ltd., a New Jersey LLC focused on the cultivation, extraction and sales of organic, non-GMO hemp-based, CBD products. Thanks to this merger, NVG products are sold under the “Nass Valley Gardens” brand via retail, wholesale, direct response and digital sales channels. 

The company is also partnered with New Hope Lab Farms, a nationwide clinical research and development company focused on the development of resources using natural hemp seed. Through this partnership, Nass Valley is connected to an extensive network of partnerships and assets that would otherwise be difficult to access. Lastly, the company has partnered with Wasi Inc., a call center with roughly 300 live operators fully trained to sell these natural CBD products to consumers and retailers.

While the consumer market is a lucrative opportunity, NVG is also focused on the rapidly growing pet CBD market. Awareness of the health benefits of hemp-based cannabinoids among pet owners, along with increasing preference for natural pet supplements, has led to an upsurge in the pet CBD market. Valued at USD $27.7 million in 2019 and projected to run at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 40.3%, the pet segment of the CBD market is projected to reach almost $400 million from 2020 to 2027, according to Grandview Research.

NVG has applied the same diligence and quality in developing its new line of top quality full-spectrum pet products as it does its consumer products. Its current pet offerings – Nass Valley Gardens 300 mg full spectrum oils; 300 mg full spectrum pet treats; and 500 mg full spectrum paw creams – represent a variety of dosages and products to meet the unique needs of each pet. 

Through broadcast and digital media, NVG is methodically building a national base of retail and wholesale CBD customers who will enjoy the company’s unique, highest quality CBD products. The goal is to build market share through organic sales while also acquiring well-aligned companies that will be immediately accretive to NVG earnings. The company expects that the results of these marketing and growth strategies will be brand loyalty, increased market share, revenue acceleration, and greater shareholder value.

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