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Vapir Enterprises invents, develops, and manufactures revolutionary, state-of-the-art and user-friendly vaporization devices. In utilizing its various issued and pending patents, the Company’s vaporizers extract active ingredients from source material by a unique and proprietary process, delivering high quality natural vapor for the best user experience. Vapir has sold hundreds of thousands of units globally since its initial launch in 2006. Vapir, Inc. specializes in the revolutionary technology of digital vaporization. The process of vaporization extracts all of the therapeutically beneficial compounds from choice herbs and flowers into a vapor cloud. Vapor can be safely inhaled without irritation or negative side effects – unlike smoke (aka combustion), which results in carcinogens and other harmful compounds entering your lungs. We’ve mastered the craft of Digital Vaporization to ensure absolute flavor, incredible potency, and unrivaled freshness with every vapor cloud.

Our History

In 1997 Advanced Inhalation Revolution (AIR-2) established itself as the leading developer of premium vaporizers. These digital units offered a smokeless alternative that allowed users to enjoy the flavor of their favorite herbs and flowers without the risks associated with smoking. By removing the combustion element from the equation, our premium vaporizer invites users to indulge in flavor without the risk. As our success grew and our reputation reached far and wide, we identified the next step in our progress. By November of 2006, we incorporated Vapir, Inc. within the state of California.


About our Market…It is big and getting BIGGER!

Vaping is all the rage nowadays and this growing trend has led to intense competition in the vaporizer market. Various health drawbacks of regular smoking are the main growth drivers for vaporizers and e-cigarettes, however ease of use and the ability to smoke in more locations are other reasons for the switch. The growth in demand is further fueled by an increasingly tolerant societal and regulatory stance on the use of cannabis. The demand for vaporizers is likely to see a boom as some US states move ahead with legalizing marijuana for medicinal and recreational reasons. Similar steps are also expected to be taken by Canadian and European governments, opening wide international markets for vaporizing products. In a recent report, BIS Research surmised that the vaporizer market may hit the $50 billion figure in the coming decade, amounting to nearly 20 percent annual growth.

This upcoming segment is still in the nascent stage and is expected to reward companies which were early in spotting the trend. It is believed that there are over 8,500 vaping shops in the United States alone. These numbers are expected to increase further as more and more states legalize the use of cannabis for recreational and medical purposes.

Competitive Advantages and Barriers to Entry? How about these apples?

Patents, Trademarks & Intellectual Property:
Patent Numbers:
US Patent 9,155,848 Method and System for Vaporization of a Substance
US Patent 6,095,153 Vaporization of Volatile Materials
US Patent D489,448 Vaporization Apparatus
US Patent 6,772,756 Method and System for Vaporization of a Substance
US Patent 6,990,978 Method and System for Vaporization of a Substance

Trademark Numbers:
78,024,693 Vapormed®
2,805,681 Vapormed®
2,965,549 ®
2,855,556 Digital Air®
2,801,471 Nicohale®
2,775,600 Nicohale®
2,788,063 Vapir®


VAPI Outlook

Vapir Enterprises looks to be a clear player in the growing vaporizer market and sales may boom with recent marijuana changes in several key U.S. states as well as Canada later this year. While revenues up until now have disappointed, recent corporate developments and industry trends may mark a true turn around level for this Company and its share price as 2017 rolls on. The company has shown strong traction in the recent past as it continues to announce new deals for increasing its presence in the vaporizer market. Recently, Vapir Enterprises introduced its latest product, the Vapir Pen. This innovative product comes with a Micro USB charging port which allows the user to recharge the device anywhere they see a USB charging port. Outside of the ease of charging, the product is designed to be used with both concentrate and wax substances. Lastly, the Vapir Pen has a temperature controlled battery which offers 3 pre-set temperature settings.

Market Info

Market Value: $3,090,519 a/o Feb 24, 2017

Authorized Shares: 100,000,000 a/o Mar 23, 2016

Outstanding Shares: 49,766,819 a/o Nov 10, 2016

Float: 1,266,631 a/o Mar 23, 2016

Shareholders of Record: 74 a/o Mar 23, 2016

Short Interest: 4,633 (100%) Jan 31, 2017

Transfer Agent: Action Stock Transfer Corporation

Key Executives

Hamid Emarlou – CEO

Vapir Enterprises Inc.
2365 Paragon Dr.
Suite B
San Jose, CA 95131