Vortex Brands Co. Partners with Tripac Systems to Optimize US Energy Consumption

Vortex Brands Co. (OTC: VTXB) has big plans to change the ways in which we consume electricity. Even modern “energy-efficient” options consume more power than needed to operate. This leads to higher utility bills and unnecessary pressure on the environment.

Vortex CEO Todd Higley explains that with the help of Phase Angle Synchronization (PAS) systems, there are ways to cut back on wasted power. By partnering with Tripac Systems, Vortex is ready to pioneer a change. We’ll take you inside the company’s plans to revolutionize the grid and change the way we think of electricity forever.

The Problem

To understand what Vortex has in store, we need to first understand the inherent problem our utility companies face: electric motors have always required more electricity than is consumed (and billed for). This has been going on for decades, adding up to trillions of dollars of waste across the board.

The extra effort needed to produce more electricity also puts significant pressure on the grid. This results in unnecessary damage and line congestion, which decrease the grid’s reliability. Past efforts to solve the problem has been largely misguided and unsuccessful.

Lean and Green

To solve these problems, Vortex has partnered with Tripac Systems in an effort to turn electric motors into ruthlessly efficient machines. As the developer of PAS technology, Tripac Systems has blended artificial intelligence (“AI”) with machine learning to deliver the exact amount of energy needed to the machinery at any given fraction of a second.

Because the amount of necessary energy for an electric motor changes every cycle (1/60th of a second), PAS constantly alters its output each cycle so there’s no waste. PAS is currently in production, ready for commercial deployment, and free for the utility companies to implement. This kind of update to our systems has never been done before, and it’s being hailed by experts as a truly innovative solution.

Double the Savings of Renewables

The key promise of PAS is that once a million systems are operating in the U.S., the technology can save twice as much energy as the energy output of all renewables combined in 2016. In 2016, the amount of renewable energy was calculated at about 15% (hydro included). By implementing PAS at a larger scale, we could see double that percentage taken off the grid, along with revenue saving for all.

The Partnership

Under the partnership with Tripac Systems, Vortex is leading all the administrative duties needed to license and integrate these systems. From legal obstacles to the collection and distribution of revenue, Vortex will be responsible for ensuring client welfare.

CEO Higley has been especially instrumental in the marketing of PAS technology. Our collective energy problem may be fascinating to engineers, but the explanations can be a little too technical for the general public. Only by presenting the problem in everyday language can Vortex hope to spur people to action. The same logic is applied to explaining its benefits, which is why Higley’s approach is to solve the problem of how PAS will best help the ratepayer. Higley acknowledges that the company still has a long road ahead, but the momentum the company is gaining is impressive at this stage of the game.

Tripac Systems has made huge strides in perfecting the manufacturing and assembly of its flagship units, and is advancing its pilot program consisting of 100 units. PAS has received general support from a variety of stakeholders and fellow engineers, and demonstrations given to interested parties in Washington sparked a keen level of interest.

A Tale for the Ages

Tripac Systems and Vortex say they are confident that the waste we’ve been seeing for a century is simply not an inevitability anymore. This recognition and pursuit for efficient renewable energy are powerful drivers of innovations and change. With a plan in hand, Tripac Systems and Vortex hope to put an end to inefficient power consumption caused by electric motors.

About the Author

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