Vortex Brands Reveals How PAS Technology Is Like “Fracking” Electricity

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Jan. 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Vortex Brands Co. (OTC: VTXB) under the dba Vortex Green Energy, and Tripac Systems, have created a national energy service plan that creates significant energy and cost savings to utilities who implement Phase Angle Synchronization (PAS). Our efforts to bring this energy-saving technology to market have faced several challenges that we thought were unique to our endeavor. However, we recently saw nearly the same dynamics, market resistance, and triumph play out within the energy sector and realized we needed to share how PAS technology is like “fracking”. (Full article available at www.vortexgreenenergy.com/fracking).

A Quick Primer on Hydraulic Fracturing and the Technological Impact in the Energy Sector

Recent articles in the Wall Street Journal and Vox have showcased how hydraulic fracturing, or “Fracking” along with developments in horizontal drilling techniques have single-handedly created an energy boom that both helped the economy grow, drove consumer prices down, and lowered emissions, all while creating over 700,000 jobs and making the US the #1 oil producing country in the world.

It’s not like geologists didn’t know where vast amounts of oil and gas were stored (in shale formations), it’s that the industry knew it was locked up in tight crevasses and did not have a way to economically access it. The problem to solve was how to extract the oil and gas from the hard shale rock in an economical way. And the reality was it was not the major oil companies like Exxon or Mobil or Chevron that figured it out. The majors gave up efforts of solving that problem (efforts included using a nuclear bomb for Project Rulison—which didn’t work) because it appeared that the money, they invested in finding a solution would never produce enough oil and gas to pay for itself.

A pair of technological advances, namely slickwater hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling, have transformed the US from energy-uncertain to energy-dominant and only in the last few decades. And it was a small, independent group run by George Mitchell–and not a major oil company–that solved the problem.

The Allegory to Understand the Potential of PAS Technology to Impact the Energy Sector

The reason this story resonated with us is it almost exactly mirrors the problem at hand, the solution we have uncovered, the resistance we currently face in the market, as well as the certainty we know we can show by implementing PAS.

The problem is that electricity is wasted as it is consumed, and the industry has known that the inefficient consumption of electricity (also known as power factor) has been a problem for more than 100 years in the industry. Simply put, an electric motor always wastes electricity because of inefficient consumption ($3 Billion in generation costs are wasted each year in California alone from this problem). The industry created a solution that makes consumption more efficient, but it takes more energy to solve the problem than it saves (recall the nuclear bomb example above). And like George Mitchell above found a way to access an untapped resource, Bob Widner and his family, who created PAS, found a solution that accesses an enormous resource of wasted electricity and makes good use of it. The skeptics abound asking why the major electric companies haven’t found a solution.

We believe PAS technology will bring certainty to the electrical industry. That it will help convert electric utilities from facing insolvency to being solvent and strong. And finally, that it will further expand our energy resources since it will reduce how much of any given resource (natural gas, wind, solar, hydro, nuclear, gas, or diesel) will be needed to supply the electricity demanded and needed for a robust economy.

It has been with this certainty that we have sought out the final investment to finally launch a full-scale pilot program to quiet the skeptics, create the data, and generate the value to all of our supporters and investors who share our vision. We expect to be making announcements on this final investment in the coming weeks.

Until then, you are welcome to look back on the last few years with us and see the tremendous progress we’ve made in explaining the technological miracle of the PAS in energy and cost savings to investors, supporters, and industry stakeholders. A new page has been added to our website at www.vortexgreenenergy.com/news to review our past press releases, interviews, and other news coverage.

About Vortex Brands Co.

Vortex Brands Co., under the dba Vortex Green Energy will provide as a service multipurpose Phase Angle Synchronization (PAS) equipment to electric utilities nationwide. PAS is a one-of-a-kind technology designed to address a one-hundred-year-old inherent problem that was thought to be unsolvable: the inefficient power consumption caused by electric motors. Improving consumption efficiency will extend the life of the grid by protecting it from excessive wear and damage, improve grid reliability by reducing line congestion and increasing reserve margin, while creating true cost savings for the utility at no cost for the equipment. Instead, revenue is generated under a Share-of-Savings business model wherein the utility shares the savings with Vortex created by the PAS service on a monthly basis. PAS is designed to address industrial and commercial use applications in a scalable solution where the majority of wasted electricity occurs, and the largest opportunity exists. Clients of the utility benefit from progressing toward carbon footprint reduction goals without capital expense or investing in any new equipment. Operations initially are focused in California before expanding nationwide. For more information visit: http://VortexGreenEnergy.com/video

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