Why Is RXMD Growing So Fast?

The story of a successful company is rarely ever a solid straight line. There are forces at work that can be very difficult to see until the dust has finally settled – whether those forces happen to be positive or negative. As Progressive Care Inc. (OTC QB: RXMD) continues to grow, it’s sparking potential investors to ask why this is. Could it be a fad that fizzles out faster than it started? Or are there substantial, long-term reasons that support their growth? See why this company’s success is rooted in providing real solutions for a complicated healthcare space.

Managed Care Is on the Rise

There hasn’t been a lot of unity in the medical community as of late. With new studies, technologies, and drug therapies emerging on a regular basis, there’s a lot of confusion when it comes to patient care. RXMD believes that managed care is the answer to close this gap. The idea is for doctors, pharmacists, and caregivers to together to provide the details necessary to prescribe the right course of treatment. It promotes patient adherence by giving patients clear, detailed instructions regarding their wellness plan.

RXMD helps to connect both physician and patient so they can work together. Specifically, the company’s adoption of Medication Therapy Management (MTM) stresses the importance the of pharmacist’s role in their customers’ health. It means the patient gets more attention, guidance, and resources as they complete their journey to wellness. The more involved a medical professional is, the more likely it is that the patient will be able to follow their prescribed treatment. It’s no wonder this idea has been so well-received by patients! RXMD’s revenue continues to grow year over year as a result of this new demand.

Good for Doctors

Managed care isn’t just good for patients, but for their doctors as well. Patients look to their doctor to both prevent and heal diseases, and they’ll measure their physician based on their success. By stressing a more active approach to the patient, the preventative care can naturally follow. The relationship and depth of knowledge on the doctor’s part make it easier to encourage and schedule patients for things like mammograms and physicals.

RXMD is a 5-star pharmacy that makes it easier for doctors and pharmacists to work together to meet their goals. Their pharmacists are more involved in the patient’s history, so they can spot potential errors or mistakes. As doctors adopt managed care, they receive more credit for their efforts and more recognition of their own efficacy in promoting wellness. Preventative care may take a little extra effort, but it’s far more efficient than waiting until a disease is out of control. As their success grows, doctors find they’re able to hit their coveted bonuses without any additional effort aside from their standard course of care.

Insurance Companies Are On Board

Preventative care gives doctors the chance to catch serious problems in the early stages, making it a huge win for insurance companies who don’t want to pay for expensive treatments. More and more insurance companies are offering incentives to change their lifestyle habits in an effort to become healthier. But managed care is a way to promote health without having to bribe anyone. Once an insurer know which doctors are practicing this style of treatment, they’re more likely to send patients to that doctor.

RXMD may not be the only pharmacy embracing managed care, but they’re unique when it comes to carrying out their proactive approach to medicine. Instead of just following instructions to the letter, the staff makes an effort to catch any potential mistakes or to save a patient money whenever possible. For example, they’re looking at potential conflicts when it comes to patient medications. They may make recommendations about complementary drugs for their patients or suggest an available generic medication instead of a brand name. This all translates to reduced liability, more lives saved, and higher profits.

So there isn’t just one reason why RXMD has managed to grow so quickly. It’s their ability to challenge old models of care and adapt to new patient needs at the same time. This flexibility and ambition will ensure their continued success in the healthcare space.

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