Why SusGlobal Energy Corp. Champions a Circular Economy

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Due to the increasing amounts of waste and the looming threat of pollutants, a rising number of companies and governments are backing what is known as a “Circular Economy,” a highly innovative system in which biological waste from animals, plants, and food waste are used to produce energy or regenerative products. As more municipalities and investors become educated on its benefits, companies that use these principles might eventually find plenty of backers.

The Circular Economy is the concept of maximizing waste reduction and allowing the continual use of waste products in different forms. The aim is to create a closed-loop system that repairs, reuses, recycles, refurbished, and remanufactures municipal waste, leading to the minimum fresh-use of resources that squeezes maximum value out of used resources.

The Circular Economy ensures that waste is regenerated into products for reuse. Reducing waste to landfill, pollution, and carbon emissions. It is the basis of efficient recycling.

SusGlobal Energy Corp. (OTCQB: SNRG), Leaders in the Circular Economy® is one of few companies actively involved in the Circular Economy model. The company’s website states that for decades, it has conducted research on the elements of the Circular Economy, innovating its own proprietary solutions along the way.

SusGlobal Energy is able to bring about real change and deliver on the objectives of the Circular Economy.
“It’s a sustainable solution, and certainly during these times where everyone is concerned about climate change, we divert the organic waste streams from landfills and we reduce greenhouse gas emissions – all this as part of our Circular Economy model,” SusGlobal Energy CEO Marc Hazout stated in a recent interview.
Indeed, this long-standing involvement in the evolution of the Circular Economy makes SusGlobal Energy a potentially important player in the business.

Organic waste and increasing energy demand are two of the world’s greatest challenges. Organic waste will never be eliminated, and traditional sources of energy generated from finite resources cannot meet the energy requirements of the world forever.

Thus, it is easy to see why SusGlobal Energy is aggressively pursuing participation and leadership in the renewable energy and regenerative product space. As the Company is demonstrating, energy production and the commercialization of organic fertilizer products to reintroduce to agriculture can be fulfilled by the innovative management of organic waste through a Circular Economy model.

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