With a New Focus and New Markets to Tap Into, 2018 Will be a Year to Remember for MedX Holdings, Inc.

There’s a lot to be said for the people who appreciate both the art of business as well as the value of physical work. Too often in business, CEOs are so focused on the numbers that they forget the real story behind those numbers. The CEO of MedX Holdings, Inc. (OTC: MEDH), Mark Miller, may have started with a formal background in accounting, but he had too much experience (and passion) for construction in the great state of Minnesota to let that love go.

This year sees MEDH starting to make major strides in the real estate industry, with Miller intent on acquiring like-minded businesses to further drive his mission for quality work and substantial profits. See how his education and talent is helping him grow his business, and how he plans to use that momentum to catapult him into more industries and opportunities.

Investor Basics

Miller’s company seeks out small companies coast-to-coast to bring them under their larger company umbrella. By acquiring a variety of subsidiaries, Miller can bring his unique approach to business as far as he decides to go. But MEDH isn’t going after any company who happens to catch their eye — they’re doing the research to ensure the companies they buy will generate enough returns for both the company and those who invest in it. Their main focus is on custom homes, as well as general construction and rental properties.

Building Their Portfolio

In early January 2018, MEDH acquired MJ Builders LLC in Minnesota and DDG Properties for a million dollars — even though their 2017 sales were at $1.5 million. The sale included the issuing of 4 million Series B Preferred trades (PPS: $.25.) As licensed contractors, MJ Builders knows the custom home market inside and out, but they also know the rental market as well. With both residential and commercial properties, MEDH can now enjoy the steady stream of rental revenue as they continue to build up and strengthen MJ Builders. The former CEO of MJ Builders was optimistic about the transition. Due to the strengthening of the economy and unemployment being on the decline, he feels confident this is an excellent time to take his business to the next level. Miller feels the same way as the company’s new CEO, and it exceptionally excited to update his investors about the addition to his portfolio.

On the Rise

But acquiring MJ Builders is not the only move MEDH is making in the first quarter of 2018. They’re also acquiring another wholly owned subsidiary named DDG Properties, LLC. DDG’s assets were valued at an impressive $7.7 million, a considerable acquisition for anyone but a truly groundbreaking one for MEDH. The deal is another demonstrable example of Miller’s dedication to how details will affect the company’s bottom line. He worked with independent appraisers to confirm the total value of the assets he would be adding to his company, so he could be certain of the sustainability of his investment.

In the Future

As MEDH continues to expand, Miller will be looking at North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and of course, Minnesota. Mark Miller also plans on looking at real estate expansion in California because the 2017 California wildfires that have left many displaced. Currently, California is in great need for licensed contractors. With both developed and undeveloped rental properties under their umbrella, they have big plans to diversify their products and services to strengthen both their own assets and their investor’s confidences as well. Miller grew up in a blue-collar household, which helped him develop a love for the hard trades. Appreciating the art of construction from a young age, he got to know his home state of Minnesota quickly. It’s clear that this connection is behind his company’s past and future accomplishments.

On the corporate side of things, MEDH has set a near term goal of completing one-year of audited financials so that they can up-list to fully reporting status on the OTC QB. Also, in the future for MEDH, is exploring options for lease agreements and potential crop sharing agreements in the marijuana sector. This is an exciting move especially when the Company discovered that land and the construction for infrastructure that meets the regulation requirements of California is in high demand. Now is a great time to take a closer look at OTC: MEDH.

About the Author

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