BriaCell Therapeutics Corp. Provides Immunotherapy Hope to Cancer Patients Everywhere

BriaCell Therapeutics Corp. (BCT.V) (OTC.QB: BCTXF) is an immuno-oncology focused biotechnology company with a proprietary immunotherapy technology for breast cancer. The CEO of the company, Dr. Bill Williams, is putting his efforts into creating off-the-shelf solutions to provide personalized treatments to patients with advanced breast cancer. This is a form of immunotherapy that boosts the body’s own defenses to specifically recognize and kill cancer cells, and thereby it avoids the harsh side effects associated with chemotherapy.

Staffed with expert researchers, BriaCell employees have worked on a number of different drugs both in and outside the lab, but it’s safe to say that they haven’t worked with anything as impressive as this product before with respect to its safety and potential activity. The CEO, Dr. Bill Williams, calls the lead product Bria-IMT™, and it holds some very hopeful promises for the millions of people suffering from breast cancer. See why it’s different, and what makes this company so special.

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Get to Know Bria-IMT™

This product was designed to revolutionize the way breast cancer patients are treated today. BriaCell is truly thinking outside the box by developing off-the-shelf immunotherapy, and therefore will be able to offer personalized treatment without the associated high costs. Similar to the concepts behind antibiotics, immunotherapy can potentially forego the need for more invasive forms of treatment such as radiation and chemotherapy. The company’s founder Dr. Charles Wiseman discovered Bria-IMT™ when working with different cancer cell lines from cancer patients. After testing different cell lines, he found a particularly promising line called SV-BR-1-GM. He was able to safely treat several patients with this cell line, with one woman, who had already relapsed after chemotherapy, exhibiting a dramatic response of the metastasized tumors in her breasts, brain, and lungs.

How It Works

There are a number of ways to stimulate a response of the immune system, and Bria-IMT™ can be used in conjunction with other treatments to provoke the desired response. This company is backed by a small but experienced team of scientists and clinicians who have tirelessly worked to create the whole-cell based technology necessary for BriaCell’s products. They bring a variety of experiences within the industry together, so they can share their expertise for the benefit of the company. When determining the mechanism behind their product’s success, they turned to Dr. Lacher who found evidence that Bria-IMT™ was able to stimulate T-cells in the body to fight the cancerous tumors on its own based on specific genes found in both Bria-IMT™ and the patients they’re meant to help. This led to the possibility of customizing the product to match it to the genes in different patients.

Customized Bria-IMT™ (Bria-OTS™)

Bria-IMT™ is wonderful for certain cancer patients but it unfortunately can’t help all cancer patients. To allow treatment of more patients, BriaCell is developing Bria-OTS™, an off-the-shelf personalized immunotherapy. The unique process involved determining the genetic profile of each patient and providing personalized treatment using pre-manufactured cell lines. This eliminates the need for the costly and time-consuming manufacturing process required for other types of personalized therapies on the market. The 15 varieties of Bria-OTS™ are predicted to cover over 90% of the total US population, which could give patients incredible odds when it comes to their overall chance of survival. They have already presented their findings to oncologists via journals and conferences, so doctors can become educated about these new treatment methods.

Ongoing Events

There have been a number of different immunotherapy treatments in the past, but this one appears to work differently than its predecessors. In fact, the company has already published a paper that describes the logic and mechanisms behind Bria-IMT™. It’s scheduled to appear in Frontiers in Immunology, the fifth cited immunology journal in the world. They were able to confirm the validity of BriaCell’s claims about their immunotherapy product. BriaCell is undergoing Phase IIa clinical trials at several sites, including the renowned Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Miami. Other sites include 1) St. Joseph Health-Sonoma County, Santa Rosa, CA, 2) Everett Clinic and Providence Regional Medical Center, Everett, WA, and 3) Jefferson Breast Care Center, Philadelphia, PA. The FDA has already approved the study of Bria-IMT in combination with other types immunotherapies. Their goal is to introduce the off-the-shelf versions into the clinic by early 2019.

The Future of BriaCell

BriaCell Therapeutics Corp. has been trading under TSX since 2014 and under the OTCQB since 2015. While it began with the medically savvy Dr. Wiseman, it was later taken over by professionals with more business experience. The Company is now under the guidance of president and CEO, Dr. Bill Williams. Dr. Williams is a seasoned biopharmaceutical executive with over 35 years of industry and academic expertise, including significant clinical management in multinational pharmaceutical companies. The combination of researchers and business moguls is creating a trajectory for BriaCell that is drawing a lot of attention to its efforts. In addition to Bria-IMT, they also have another selective inhibitor that may be able help those with other types of cancers, including pancreatic and breast cancer. These accomplishments all seem to be pushing BriaCell into a new realm of cancer treatment, one that will have little to do with radiation or chemotherapy. By working with patient’s own immune system, they can fight cancer by making the patient stronger and not weaker.

BriaCell Therapeutics Corp. is listed on TSX as BCT.V, and on OTCQB as BCTXF.

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