Learn about SmallCapVoice.com CEO, Stuart Smith here.

I already spoke with John and he said he thinks it was probably the best interview that he has been involved with.

Great Job Stuart!!!

Lee Odom
Auscrete Corporation (OTC: ASCK)
VP of Business Development
Director of Investor Relations
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 305 853 8404
Website: www.auscretehomes.com

You are the only investor relations firm that I recommend. I revised my website in December and added a “Resource Links” page. I have listed you as my recommendation for issuers who need an investor relations firm. https://www.rule144letters.com/related-links/

I continue to give out your information when any issuer brings up the subject.

Ronald J. Logan
Logan Law Firm PLC
4647 N. 32nd Street
Suite B-205
Phoenix, AZ 85018-3392
Direct line/mobile: 602-614-4488
Office switchboard: 602-957-9320
Fax: 602-532-7694
Rule 144 website: www.rule144letters.com
Rule 144 letters fax: 602-926-8981

I’m glad to see the RXMD market cap improving. Our shareholders are overdue to see the street recognizing the value of Progressive Care’s business. You and your team are doing an excellent job telling our story to investors. Thank you very much Stuart.

Armen Karapetyan
Progressive Care, Inc. (RXMD)
[email protected]

Rocky Mountain High Brands has worked with Stuart Smith and Small Cap Voice for approximately a year and a half. Stuart is a professional investor relations partner to our Company. He is the front line voice for investor inquiries and a trusted adviser to me as Chief Executive Officer of the Company. I highly recommend Stuart Smith and Small Cap Voice.

Thank you,

Michael R. Welch
President & Chief Executive Officer
Rocky Mountain High Brands, Inc.
9101 LBJ Freeway, Suite 200
Dallas, TX 75243

“I think one of the most difficult things to find in the micro-cap/investor relations arena are honest professionals. Stuart Smith is one of those rare individuals who is honest, extremely qualified and very competent. He has made a solid contribution to our overall efforts and we consider him a valued member of our team.

SmallCapVoice.com has done a tremendous job of combining old fashioned IR values with modern IR tools. I would not hesitate to recommend him to others and do so every time I get the opportunity.”


Derek A. Peterson
Terra Tech Corp OTC QX:TRTC
18101 Von Karmen Ave
3rd floor
Irvine, CA. 92612

The team at SmallCapVoice.com is a vital part of our investor outreach program. Stuart Smith and SmallCapVoice.com’s attention to our story and how it has grown over the past few years has been invaluable. They have worked well with the other groups that we work with and I would confidently recommend them to others.

William J. Caragol
Chief Executive Officer
PositiveID Corporation
1690 S Congress Ave, Suite 201
Delray Beach, FL 33445

I just wanted to write a short note to let you know how pleased we were with our recent audio interview at SmallCapVoice. We received plenty of positive feedback from several of our shareholders immediately after the audio interview press release was issued. Thanks again for the support and professionalism provided by SmallCapVoice. We look forward to more interviews with you and your Company in the near future.

Saf Dhillon
Head of Investor Relations
U.S. Geothermal Inc. (NYSE AMEX: HTM)
[email protected]geothermal.com

Hi Stuart – I spoke with a few years ago about a potential freelance sales position, which in hindsight, I would have contacted IR firms and not individual companies. Your program is the most polished of other services I took a look at. I still get your email alerts and it looks as if things are going pretty well, both in the number and improved quality of clients. I even made a purchase in JAMN and became excited when I saw it in my local qwik-e-mart. I wish you continued success.

Regards, Brian

Stuart – You are a true pro and we think it’s a great work product. We’re fine with it so let’s proceed!

Thank you again,
Phil Kent
CEO, American Seniors Association
4555 Mansell Rd. Suite 120
Alpharetta, GA 30022
1-800-951-0017 FREE

As far as I know, Stuart is the best in producing audio programs which will certainly produce great results! I hope you do consider his services.

Benjamin Tran
Chief Executive Officer
Asia Pacific Capital Corporation

I just wanted to email you a note to let you know how impressed we were with your recent audio interview with Patient Access Solutions that ran at SmallCapVoice. My phone has not stopped ringing with positive response from shareholders and business clients that had the opportunity to listen in. Thank you so much for the support and professionalism provided by SmallCapVoice. We look forward to working further with you.

Bruce Weitzberg-President
Patient Access Solutions Inc.
245 Marcus Blvd.
Hauppauge, NY 11788
866-280-1156 FREE ext 230
631-233-3707 ext. 230
Cell: 631-241-9404

Stuart of SmallCapVoice went the extra mile to execute his awareness program effectively in a very short period of time. It is refreshing to know there are others in this business that act quickly and complete the job with high quality. Stuart is easy to work with, and his ability to produce a press release on short notice to accompany the work is key.

Matt Chipman
Vice President – Evergreen Marketing, Inc.
Editor in Chief of The Green Baron Report
2035 Westwood Blvd., Suite 210
Los Angeles, CA 90025
ofc (310)470-7788
fax (206)338-6215
cell (310)709-5646

We only use SmallCapVoice to get important information out to investors. We trust working with their people. They are reliable in a field where many other firms simply are not. Their service is top notch and the product impactful. Worth every penny we spend on the program. We have recently used SCV for campaigns for BIEL, KEYO and EFTB with great success.

Joe Noel
Emerging Growth Research, LLP (925) 922-2560

Dear Stuart,
SmallCapVoice has provided us with an entertaining way to reach out to our shareholders (and the public) with informative, timely interviews. As a veteran of almost 50 radio interviews over the past 5 years, I am tremendously impressed with your talent, professionalism and high production values. I would strongly advise anyone looking for a venue to communicate with the investing public to consider working with SmallCapVoice.

Richard Reincke
President/CEO GWS Technologies, Inc.
480.619.4747 tel.
480.619.4740 fax
602-677-9520 cell

You should all be very proud for your part in this great campaign. We have some major events coming up. In the next 2 weeks 7 Arts will announce their earnings for 2008 (the year end was June 30th) and according to the research report from Paul Cohen, the results will be impressive. Again, congratulations and great job, I hope you all will continue to support Seven Arts until the end of the year since you were part of making this a success.

A. John A. Bryan Jr.
Chief Executive Officer
The Watley Group, LLC

Mantra Venture Group has been working with Stuart Smith and SmallCapVoice for almost two years. We have been really impressed with the efforts and systems of deployment at getting our corporate message out to the investor audience. We at Mantra would highly recommend SmallCapVoice to any public company. Stuart is an incredibly positive individual who is hard working and a pleasure to work with. His continued support for our company has been exemplary.

Larry Kristof
President CEO
Mantra Venture Group Ltd.
Phone: 604.609.2898
Facsimile: 604.609.2878
[email protected]

I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you that you did a great job! The audio interview process was painless and efficient. Thank you for your preparation and for preparing me. Your staff was very professional and did good job on the production and editing. I think it sounds terrific!

Thank you very much,
Paul Sorkin
Chairman and CEO of
IMAGE Worldwide, Inc.
Stock symbol is IMGW
and Publisher of IMAGE Chicago Magazine

Hi Stuart;
Thanks for the opportunity to be interviewed on SmallCapVoice. I have already received phone calls and emails from shareholders and investors who really appreciate the format and what they heard about Nacel Energy. Look forward to speaking with you again.

Best Regards;
Murray Fleming
Director, Investor Services
Local 307-461-4221 Extension 801
Toll-Free & Fax 1-888-242-5848

Paramount Gold and Silver Corp. has been working with SmallCapVoice for over a year and half now and I am very pleased with their efforts in getting the Paramount story told to the investment audience. SmallCapVoice has delivered more than they were contracted for and I would not hesitate in recommending them to other public companies.

Chris Crupi
Paramount Gold and Silver Corp.

Stuart Smith delivers what he promises. It doesn’t take long to discover that.

Brett Weiss
Notch Novelty Corporation
Pink Sheets: NHNV

I would like you to know that in all of my eight years now in the securities arena we have never received more support and professional service from any company better than yours. You have continually been there to cover our companies’s events and growth periods and we can not tell you how much we appreciate you and your entire company team. If you need anything from me please do not hesitate to call me or Mike anytime. I would be honored to give you a letter to endorsement for your use if you would ever like to have such an item.

Have A Great Day
eMax Holdings Corp.
Pink Sheets: EMXC

Thank you very much! I really appreciate the quick response and the time you are taking to help…It is a rare thing these days to get service like that especially when I have not paid a dime for any of it!

Thank-you, AJ
Interested Shareholder

Bob Brehm and Bruce Beattie commented, “This was an excellent forum to provide our shareholders with the opportunity to present questions and hear first hand our successes in Mexico and the bright future in an unrehearsed live recording format. We thank Stuart Smith of SmallCapVoice for making this medium possible.”


Just to let you know that last month alone we had over 132 visitors (investors) from your site who visited our site!!!!

Best Regards,
Alex Haditaghi
Chief Executive Officer
MortgageBrokers.com, Inc.

I wanted to take the time to tell how impressed I am with you and your company, Smallcapvoice.com. In the time we have worked together on my company’s stock and our presence in the market, I have been very pleased with your professionalism and character. You have always done a terrific job of keeping me updated on your efforts and I can see the results in the market. To date, you have far exceeded my expectations and I look forward to a long and fruitful business relationship.

Marc Hazout
CEO and President
Silver Dragon Resources Inc.

“It is a pleasure to work with SmallCapVoice and Stuart Smith. Having participated in a number of audio interviews I find Stuart to be a true professional able to quickly and directly highlight critical information about our company in an casual but meaningful way. He is always prepared and maximizes the use of my time. I look forward to our next discussion and recommend the site to investors.”

Steven R. Garman
President & CEO
QI Systems International, Inc.

What I love about you Stuart is unlike most you actually follow through on what you say.

Great work,
Strategic Capital Advisors

Thank you Mr. Smith! I’ve found your online site just the other day while reading through various stock headlines, and as a “non-seasoned” investor I have to say that I’ve found your site to be most informational!!! I’m hoping that my investment in this company (OTCBB CHDT) proves to be a worthwhile venture, and given the interview and other strategies I noted, seems a positive potential for market value growth (I hope…). Thanks for your feedback and your willingness for additional support.

Bob Sherman

Thank you so much for efforts in getting the Park City Group’s story told. Your hard work has been much appreciated and is readily evident in terms of increased investor awareness in the market. Your insight and experience have been an invaluable asset for us when dealing with the public market. I would not hesitate in recommending you to other companies.

Randall K. Fields
CEO and president
Park City Group Inc.
Co-Founder of Mrs. Fields Cookies

Dear Stuart,
I want to thank you for your committed and never-ending service to T & G2. I have never met anyone who showed the desire that you have in seeing that my company succeed with what we are doing. You have provided service to me and my company way beyond what you were compensated for.

Please do not hesitate in the future to ask me for a recommendation or if you ever need me to be a reference. In a business loaded with thieves and dishonorable individuals, it is refreshing to have worked with you. It is a pleasure dealing with someone of your integrity and honor. I will sign the extension to our deal on Monday. I look forward to our continuing relationship.
Have a great weekend and I will speak to you the first of the week.

James M. Farinella

To: Stuart Smith, SmallCapVoice.
Dear Stuart,
This is to let you know how much we appreciate the interview you did on small cap voice for Terra Block. We had a tremendous response from a lot of sources all positive. Without media coverage like your’s it would be hard for companies like our’s to get good exposure. Again, Thanks for your time and effort and concern for our companies growth.

Michael A. Gross
COO Terra Block Intl. Inc. Orlando Fla.

Just a short note of thanks and appreciation for your superb support of Cognigen Networks Inc. I have received numerous calls and comments from investors and customers applauding your timely and accurate information. I too appreciate the fact that you are alert to our specific needs and provide our company with very attentive and customized programs that are proactive and appropriate.

I have no doubt that your attitude, service and your relationships within the industry will deliver continued success to SmallCapVoice.

I look forward to a continued relationship with you and your staff. The very best to you as we wind up another year growth and achievement.

Best Regards,
Darrell H. Hughes
President & CEO
Cognigen Networks Inc.

“In an industry littered with groups who don’t perform, SmallCapVoice sets a standard for excellence.”

John C. Flanders
Digital Bridge, Inc.

Dear Stuart:
The purpose of this note is to express the gratitude of Digital Bridge, Inc. for the exemplary level of service our company has received from SmallCapVoice. The depth of coverage and accurate level of detail you provide are truly impressive, and have few equals in the industry. We also notice and appreciate the high degree of professionalism and tireless work ethic you employ in the efforts you undertake for our company. With SmallCapVoice, we truly feel that we have a partner who cares about our business and its shareholders.

Yours truly,
Seth D. Heyman
Executive Vice President
Digital Bridge, Inc.

Stuart, I enjoyed the listening to the interview. I found it informative and without a lot of fluff. I liked and was kind of surprised about the discussion on the 100 share stock trade today. I am glad that Cognigen is keeping up with the trading activity of the stock. It shows interest in stockholder value.

Eric Mason
Shareholder of Cognigen Networks,Inc.

“I found my time well spent in conducting a interview with Stuart Smith and SmallCapVoice. com. They were able to present my company to my shareholders and their audience in a no nonsense honest fashion. These interviews allowed me to go into detail about aspects of my business that can only be touched upon in a press release.”

Wendy Borow-Johnson
President and CEO
RnetHealth, Inc.

“At first I was reluctant at the thought of an archived interview that anyone in the financial community could listen to at anytime, but my reluctance was quickly put to rest. SmallCapVoice was able to lay out the entire format of the interview beforehand, and Stuart Smith was knowledgeable about my company and my industry which made for a great interview. I would not hesitate to use SmallCapVoice again”

Andrew Hart
Digital West

“As a shareholder of GONT I am very happy with the job Stuart Smith does of providing me with ACCURATE information on the company. I also really appreciate his returning my E-MAILS the same day I send them. Listening to his web broadcasts gives you a chance to hear information coming straight from Mr. Naughton or from Mr. Hart.”

Leroy Suennen
GONT Shareholder

Hello, this is Brooke. You e-mailed me a few days ago about investor information. I have visited the web-site that you recommended (www.www.smallcapvoice.com), and it was very helpful in the information that it provided. My friend, Jannelle, and I are still highly interested in investing in your company, and we would gladly accept any assistance in purchasing stock that you may have to offer. Both of us live in Michigan, therefore we would much rather do our purchases through a broker on-line. We both look forward to hearing from you.

Brooke Murphy
Potential Shareholder