Small Cap Stock OTC Investor Relations and Financial Public Relations Can Get the Word Out for You Here's How!

Financial Public Relations

Retail support of a company’s stock is a primary goal of most publicly traded firms., Inc.’s outstanding relationships with Broker/Dealers, OTC market -makers, investment bankers, and private investment firms, combined with the ability to produce superior promotional materials, provide our clients with access to an influential investment community — something unique to our firm., Inc. is strongly positioned to effectively deliver your story to the optimum targeted audience.

Our state of the art in-house audio/video facility will broadcast “Shareholder Chats” with you or your appointed spokesperson whenever your company needs to get a detailed message to your shareholders. Broadcasts will also be available to our database, made up of a growing list of shareholders from all of the companies that we represent, plus other interested persons. Listeners have the chance to e-mail questions during the interview, allowing you the opportunity to respond live.

Our Financial Public Relations services include:

  • Distribute all CLIENT press releases, audio interviews, and market updates by email to our double opt-in database of targeted investors. This is an unlimited service for the life of the contract.
  • Create weekly blog/articles covering various aspects of the CLIENT business model and industry.
  • Create and conduct social media campaigns via Twitter and Facebook on weekly basis for the life of the contract.
  • Create video and media presentations of every audio interview conducted with the CLIENT to be housed at on the Investors Hub homepage and We can create a customizable and branded channel for the CLIENT as well at no extra charge.
  • Feature CLIENT in Internet Chat Broadcasts and Financial Pod Casts.
  • Add all CLIENT audio content to major Pod Cast portals like iTunes and Google.
  • Produce and distribute a CLIENT Investor Information Sheet outlining recent news headlines, a client overview, a summary on industry trends, and a SmallCapVoice commentary which is sent to a proprietary opt-in database of accredited, qualified OTC investors as well as to the website subscribers.

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Investor Relations & Shareholder Services

Many of today’s investor relations firms overlook the immense value of an existing shareholder base. We believe in contacting and communicating with our clients’ existing shareholders to let them know they are important and valued. We would never insult their intelligence with “fluff” interviews and bogus research/analysis. It is our job to let shareholders know your story and market value potential.

Our Shareholder Services include:

  • Process all shareholder calls and information requests.
  • Host and record quarterly earnings conference calls.
  • Produce a shareholder communications / investor information sheet. This information sheet includes relevant milestone updates, contract news, earnings/revenue growth updates, and financing news about your company.
  • Monitor OTC Internet message boards regarding your company on a daily basis.
  • Monitor Internet market activity regarding your company on a daily basis.
  • Help ensure that your announcements reach your shareholder base through constant contact after initial mailings to the existing shareholder list.

Corporate Financing Solutions

To assist our clients in obtaining needed financing, we have an extensive database of criteria-specific potential lenders and investors, including venture group, small business investment companies, private investment firms, investment banks, merchant banks, broker dealers and small cap stock market makers.

We will work with you and your team to develop a well thought-out plan for your company’s future. In addition, we will facilitate development of the strategies and tactics that are necessary to properly execute your company’s vision.

  • Loans on Free Trading Stock
  • 40% to 60% Loans on 144 stock
  • Account Receivable Financing
  • Bridge Financing
  • Direct Investment Through Stock Block Purchases

Web Design

An Internet presence is one of today’s most significant marketing strategies. Introducing your company to the World Wide Web will enhance your firm’s image and present you with immense marketplace potential.

  • Domain name registration
  • Web hosting
  • Web design
  • Corporate branding
  • Web marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Banner Advertisements
  • Web maintenance

We understand that each client has different taste, design requirements and business needs. We will work one-on-one with you to determine the best design at a reasonable price.

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